Yookidoo Baby Gym And Play Mat - 3 Stage Accessory Gym With Motorized Robot Track - 20 Development Activities - Age 0-12 Months 40128

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Samantha Deese
February 17, 2018
I was so excited to receive this playmat. BUT the car did not work ud83dude14. It would not return on the side where the red plastic was curved. The tag that tells the car to return was hitting the side, but the mechanics in the car did not register it. We even tried to add bumpers for the tag to hit more pronounced and that did not work either. Again it wasn't the bumper it was the car that didn't register the bump.

EVERYTHING else about this play mat is awesome, the colors are perfect for baby vision, the size, the way it folds and stores is extremly thoughtful. It seemed very well made (except for the car).

I would have kept it and given it 5 stars IF the car worked. My baby loved watching the car while I sat there and made it turn back and forth, but obviously that defeats the purpose.

Very disappointing.
December 1, 2017
they say kids respond best to black and white when they are born. this is so true. we have presented colourful toys to our son with minimal reaction from him. when we got this for him he instantly reacted. he was reaching for the robots as the were moving across his site line when attached to the car. we have used the mirror for tummy time as well and he responds to it. i like that you can take the pieces off and take them with your for an outing . also i noticed i could not find an activity mad that had cars this is the only one i have seen with a car. not a fancy ca but it does the trick
Kristin Richardson
January 9, 2018
I love everything about this activity mat. Our daughter had loved being on it since she was super little. Although yummy time isnu2019t her favorite the car feature really gets her attention and sheu2019s obsessed with a couple of the hanging toys.

It has a Velcro strap which holds the mat closed when not in use and can also stand up on its side by itself. Very easy to store.

I wish the mirror would be angled a bit more vertical. But thatu2019s my only complaint!
Erica Bolanos
February 23, 2015
Wonderful playmat. Our daughter is 7 weeks old and gets fussy within seconds of laying down while awake. When she's on her play mat she actually stays calm and entertained. The mat is pretty sturdy has a huge mirror that when attached to the moving car keeps baby entertained while addressing her developmental needs. It folds up in seconds and takes very little space. The contrasting colors are great for baby's eyesight. We love that it actually allows us to put baby down and do stuff for a nice chunk of time.
March 6, 2018
This is the cutest play mat ever! And I love that itu2019s structured (it has a wire around the mat part) and folds up like a pouch to keep all of babies toys tidy and together when we arenu2019t using it or when we want to travel with them! The price was great too!! This is my 3rd baby and this is the best play mat Iu2019ve had!
Eddie Jaudon
July 31, 2018
At first my son was a little leary about the moving train at the top but he quickly warmed up to playing on this mat. It has enough room for him to spin and roll as much as he wants.
July 20, 2018
Iu2019m really surprised by the reviews of this mat! My husband and I always talk about the things we have wasted money on for our son and we always say this mat was the best purchase EVER. Our son has spent hours playing with this thing, it is his favorite thing ever. One of the robots, the girl with the bow we have named and he carries her everywhere. She is his favorite toy. This thing is worth every penny!
Julie C.
January 31, 2016
My son needs constant stimulation and this gym does just that for him. It is especially great for tummy time. My son is 14 weeks and he is beginning to crawl - I am not sure if it is because of the the gym but he can be playing and entertained for a while. The pat is patted but I put down an extra pat just to give it an extra softness.

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