WolVol Transformers Robot Police Car Toy with Lights and Sounds for Kids, with Bump and Go Action

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Product Description

  • 2-in-1 Robot Transformer Police Car with Flashing Lights and Loud Sounds
  • Bump and Go Action, runs on smooth surfaces
  • It will change directions and run when it bumps into something
  • Great robot car toy for boys and girls who are obsessed with robots and cars / police cars
  • 3 AA batteries required (not included)

This WolVol Electric Car Robot Toy for kids, is built with high speed wheels and beautiful flashing LED lights. The light effects is very attractive and colorful. The WolVol Robot Police Car has a mind of its own; it will drive as if a human is driving it. When it bumps into anything, it will automatically turn away and drive to the other direction. It is installed with high functional sounds. The police car will self transform from robot to car vise verse. It is the perfect idea for Gifts, Birthday Presents, Christmas Gifts, etc.

Customer reviews(8)

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Denise Holmes
January 19, 2018
Gift for my 5 yr old grandson. He loves Transformers and police cars so this was a perfect gift for him. He loves it and plays with it constantly. Shipping was fast and price was very reasonable for a toy that does double duty!
Rate O True
August 15, 2018
Two-year-old turning three, no abusive use or throwing. Just opened and closed a lot. Locked in a mid-close/ open position, nothing forced, and hood broke and things that were cosmetic on the toy, off after two days. Poorly constructed. Bought another once since the company who sold it would not replace a defective product from another company and it was good. Since it is hit or miss or relaibility on what you receive and no way to get made whole... it gets a one star.
June 16, 2018
My 5 year old grandson loved, it actually worked. Iu2019m thrilled. My daughter says she still has to hide it at times cause sheu2019s tired of hearing it talk and assemble and flash. Lol (karma)
Amazon Customer
January 25, 2018
was purchased as a gift for a 2 1/2 year old. It quickly became his favorite toy on Christmas day. Great gift for kids
Jennifer Cherry
September 2, 2018
I am changing my review because the seller wrote me and told me how to get it to work better: remove the circular objection the bottom (not in instructions but very good to know). It is still annoying and eats up the batteries but my 4 year old loves it!!
Melissa G.
January 24, 2018
My 4 year old loves this car and plays with it all the time. He loves the lights and sound.
Amazon Customer
January 27, 2018
My Grandson loves it. It is far more durable than I figured at the time I ordered it!
July 10, 2018
surprised at how great of a toy this ended up being. My son loves.

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