Vundahboah Amish Goods Cedar Wood Mulch Chips Shavings For Garden- Screech Owl House/Box- Organic Bedding

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Size:12 Quart (3 Gallon Bag)


Product Description

  • This aromatic red cedar is perfect for owl boxes, pet bedding, and outdoor landscaping as a pest control mulch
  • All our cedar is fresh, organic wood and all natural with no coatings, sprays or chemicals added
  • Vundahboah Amish Goods products are hand sourced from Old Order Amish in the foothills of Tennessee
  • The 3 Gallon bag offers large sized shavings (up to 2" pieces), great for screech owl boxes, nests and landscaping. The other size options include smaller shavings suitable for pets bedding, and sachet creation.
  • This product offering is for a 3 Gallon bag which has larger shavings and a 2 lb, 12 oz weight. The next size option is 6 quarts that arrives in four 4 oz bags, totaling 1 lb of chips. The smallest option is for 3 quarts, arriving in two 4 oz bags, for a total of 8 oz of wood chips.

Size:3 Quart (.75 Gallon)

These red cedar shavings/chips are all natural, organic wood chips, offered in bulk in several sizes. Perfect for making closet sachets out of muslin bags, for pet bedding, and even for crafts and weddings. The cedar has a strong smell and can keep bugs away from indoor supplies and crafting materials. Great for patios and gardens, the big bag is recommended for landscaping purposes as an insect repellent for plants.

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August 23, 2018
I was expecting two bags each containing three quarts, but I only received 1 quart bags that were 70% loosely filled. Not happy.

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