VIOTEK HA238 Ultra-Thin 24 Inch Computer Monitor – 1920x1080 Full HD with Bezel-Less Frame, 16:9 Widescreen Display, HDMI & VGA Connection

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Color:24-inch HA238


Product Description

  • ULTRA-THIN DESIGN – This 24 inch monitor features an ultra-thin design and is just .13 inches thick for a sleek aesthetic
  • BEZEL-LESS -This bezel-less HD monitor comes with a display that runs up right to the edges of the monitor for a sharper look
  • MULTIPLE CONNECTVITY OPTIONS- The VIOTEK PC monitor allows you to choose between connecting via VGA and HDMI cables
  • 1920x1080 pixels, 60hz – The Viotek Computer screen comes with stunning 1920x1080 resolution for a clean, clear, and crisp image
  • 16:9, 14ms, 2,000,000:1- Widescreen format, response time, & dynamic contrast help create a more cinematographic feel (Please Note: this model is not VESA wall mountable)

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Adam Gilson
March 28, 2017
There isn't anything else on the market at this price point that you want to waste your time with.

I went from a fairly decent 24
Fluffi Foxi
January 13, 2018
The VIOTEK HA238 is an okay monitor at a reasonable price. Its colors are great, and it is very stylish, but it has its drawbacks.

PROS: It's a great budget monitor at a great price. These colors are very vivid, and are beautiful right out of the box. No adjustments necessary!
Photography and art alike look beautiful. It's also great to watch movies on! I love the sleek, border-less look of the monitor. It is very contemporary and minimalist, which I can appreciate. I can look at this screen for hours without any eye trouble, and even all day (As I often do). Honestly, I have used this monitor for a long time, and I don't have too many regrets.

CONS: As someone who has used this as their primary monitor for about a year, however, there are some things I would like to point out. I'm a digital artist and gamer, my experience has been a little less-than-satisfactory in those aspects. The monitor has a 14ms delay, which you won't really notice unless you're playing a game at 60+ FPS. Rhythm games such as osu! will become harder (Especially in mania and taiko) as it might look like multiple beats appear at once, when they really don't. This can be attributed to the slow refreshing. It is not a true 60 fps monitor. If I had known this initially, I likely would have invested in a different monitor. On an older version of the product page, VIOTEK referred to this as, 'An enhanced cinematic experience'. Which, to me, just sounds like instead of addressing and resolving an issue, or just ignoring it entirely (As this is a budget monitor), they instead tried to reword it into sales pitch, as if saying,
April 28, 2017
We purchased this item so we could have a larger image to show parents when they come to have ultrasounds in our office. It was basically
Chris Murphy
February 27, 2017
I was amazed at the quality of the picture on this monitor! Super thin screen, perfect size for my one monitor setup. The white adds so much class. It's also a plus that it has Vesa mounting ability! I plan on putting it on an arm eventually. Only had it about a week so far, but I love it! I dread using my work setup now. My speakers are arriving tomorrow and I'm redoing the wire management. I know it takes away from the aesthetic some in the photos, but you get it
Amazon Customer
October 7, 2016
This is a very nice monitor. Be warned, though, there are no speakers. It's a

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