Valterra V77020 Odorless Bottle

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Product Description

  • Waste Holding Tank Treatment; Odorlos (TM); Biological Treatment Used To Break Down Waste and Tissue; Without Formaldehyde; Scent-Free Formulation; Without Lubricant; One Ounce Treats 10 Gallons; 4 Ounce Drop In Treatments; Package of 10
  • Safe And Effective In All RV And Marine Holding Tank And Septic Tank Systems
  • One Ounce For Every 10 Gallons Is All You Need
  • Effective Even In Extreme Temperatures. 100 Percent Biodegradable/Eco-Friendly, Formaldehyde Free And Non-Toxic
  • Accelerates The Breakdown Of Tissue And Waste, Helping To Prevent Clogs. Scent-Free Formulation.

When added to holding tanks, Odorlos provides the naturally occurring bacteria with a continuous supply of the best alternative energy source to pure oxygen – nitrates. This eliminates the need for bacteria to target sulfate for energy, and the result is no holding tank odors.

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