Torin Big Red Portable Horizontal Air Tank with 36 Hose, 7 Gallon Capacity T88007

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$ 39 89

Size:11 Gallon


Product Description

  • Easy pressure gauge
  • 36 feet high-pressure air hole
  • Built-in pressure release valve for safety
  • 7 gallon tank
  • Holds compressed air for months
  • Easy pressure gauge
  • 36 feet high-pressure air hole
  • Built-in pressure release valve for safety
  • 7 gallon tank

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August 25, 2015
After receiving my tank with a damaged gauge I went and bought a gauge because I was leaving on a trip and did not have time to send it back Well when I tried to use it for my mower here was the outcome The hose is vinyl and very delicate.none of the fittings swivel and very hard to mount on an air fitting.I can't imagine using this air hose in the cold weather.So if you want to spend 60.00 for a tank and replace everything buy this tank.
Robert Mitchell
June 10, 2015
Tank arrived in perfect condition, but the plastic control knob was split and slips freely on the shaft. It appears that the cheap plastic shrank.
So far, the manufacturer is standing behind their product and promises to get me a replacement part.
I will update this review when I have a working part in hand.
Not about to ship a 24 pound tank back to Amazon for a fifty cent part.
Nice tank, otherwise. I got it to blow out my computers. Will need a nozzle; just comes with an air chuck.
Added: the included hose has a permanent chuck attached. It is only good for inflating tires. I threw it away.
So take your $20 to your local Chinese parts store (HF) and buy a set of quick change adapters, a real rubber hose, and some nozzles.
I took the advice of another poster and also built a double ended valve so I can fill the tank directly from my air compressor hose.
This will give you a really sweet setup, with some work on your part. Don't forget the teflon tape.
Update: Gave another star for excellent Customer Support. Replaced my defective part and then some.
Torin if you are reading this:
1) Keep this product as is for a low cost option. just replace the plastic control wheel with metal. It will be cheaper in the long run.
2) Give those of us who want a little more an upgrade option. Quick disconnects, rubber hose, and a few nozzles. We want to give you our money!
3) A quick fill adapter would be nice too, and an extra profit item. male QD - ball valve - male QD. Works fantastic.
Ronald Manuel
March 10, 2017
The unit has not worked properly since I received it. The tank is sporadic in whether it will attempt to fill standard automobile tires. I can put the tire chuck on some tires and hear it properly filling, but over half the time I'll put the tire chuck on a tire fill tube and nothing happens.

I contacted Torin customer service, which decided it was a bad manifold and expected me to repair the tank when they sent the part instead of sending a replacement tank since it is still under warranty. The existing manifold is torqued on to the tank to such a degree that I am not able to get the old manifold off. Now customer service doesn't return my emails.

Ideally you'd like companies you purchase from to either have flawless products or flawless customer service, or both. Unfortunately, Torin has neither.
July 5, 2016
Works as advertised, holds enough volume to easily fill a completely flat tire and still have plenty left over. Pretty solid and well built but as many others have said, the fitting, hose and valve assembly do appear cheap. If you plan to use this on a regular basis or even commercially, you'll want to remove all the parts and start from scratch with a proper assembly.
July 9, 2015
I bought this with the intention of filling it from my large compressor, and then using it with a blow handle for
John P Dene
April 15, 2015
Does what it says on the package - I have had it for a couple of days and it came with pressure gauge and hose attached (although it said in the accompanying manual that these were not fitted to avoid damage in transit).
I was a little concerned reading some reviews about pressure loss but mine is holding 120PSI with no leakage. According to my pressure guage the indicated pressure is a little under indicated value (I guess that is on the safe side and the error is is less than 5% which is probably within the specification of the pressure gauge).
On the farm I need to get pressure around the place to various vehicles and it is great as a portable inflator for tyres. I take my car on remote tracks and expect this will be useful for reinflating cooled down tyres.
Nice product and fair price.
Returning for some more comments: I have had the tank for 3 months and find that if I keep the hose attached to an inflater with pressure guage I lose pressure overnight. So you have to disconnect the inflater (with its own gauge) to keep pressure - i have fitted a quick connect fitting at the end of the hose which does this easily. The plastic wheel that turns the valve on and off is flimsy and doesn't feel robust. In operation the feel of this valve is not positive or solid and a bit tricky to tell if the valve has opened or closed. I am careful to operate this valve little and the quick connect attachment to the hose seems to work. I do lose a little pressure over the period of a week but I have to recharge often enough to make this not a problem
May 28, 2015
The Torin Air tank is great for its purpose. I purchased this to boost available air for my HVLP paint jobs. The tank holds pressure well. I have it hooked up to my compressor to fill and daisy chained to my sprayer when I need to spray. I love the tank, but I think the tire hose is cheap, and the gauge is hard to read. I changed the gauge immediately. That said I think the tank itself is rock solid.

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