Tiny Love Gymini Deluxe Activity Mat, Into The Forest Dorel Juvenile Group-CA TO051

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Color:Into The Forest


Color:Into The Forest

The Into the Forest Gymini Deluxe is the activity gym that gives you multiple ways to encourage your baby's development. The Gymini baby gym features adjustable arches that can be easily arranged in a variety of ways to enhance your baby's developmental environment. The open arches mode creates the ultimate tummy time space, allowing easy parental access for better bonding time. An electronic bird toy with lights and music feedback captivates and amuses your baby both when attached to the activity mat and when used as a take-along toy. This Gymini Deluxe engages baby's senses and refines motor skills with a variety of detachable, entertaining developmental toys that promote baby's growth and stimulate baby's senses. The toys are detachable, making it easy to bring a favorite along when on the go. The soft play mat pad can easily be used as a changing pad and is machine washable for an easy clean.

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February 28, 2018
I was so excited for this for my daughter. It's so cute I could not wait to put it together and get her playing with it. But upon putting it all together the owl that is supposed to light up and play music did not work. Tried multiple different types of batteries. Nothing. I emailed tiny love and nothing back for 3 days. Finally come across a number for them through Google and called for a replacement. Another disappointment that was, they do not make replacements for this yet and said it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months before they could have one. There option is using another one from a different set. For the price I paid I would at least like it to match. I ordered everything they had available for the princess tale collection I am hoping I have better luck with the other items. Returning the item and wont be buying another. Buy with caution.

Update. I decided to send the other back in hopes a new one would work. And to my extreme disappointment the owl yet again does not work. I would not recommend anyone waste their time buying this product

I RECEIVED THREE of these play mat and NOT one of the owls worked. Do not waste your time or money on this item.

I am now on the 4th owl and it still DOES NOT WORK
Anna Kovyazina
May 6, 2018
my 3-month-old daughter loves it. the bird is very nice. made of quality materials. I recommend to buy!
Amazon Customer
June 19, 2018
thank you :)
2018 Mommy
July 16, 2018
I like how each toy has a different sensory function. I also like that you can switch from back play to tummy time.
P. MSakamoto
April 27, 2018
*** UPDATE 6/10/18 ***
The useless customer support has never gotten back to me, and since this was a Vine evaluation unit, I couldnu2019t return it. So, I decided to fix it. The battery compartment in the faulty owl that is supposed to make sounds and noise was missing an electrical contact. I took a standard paper clip, a pair of needle nose pliers, and bent the clip as shown in the photos Iu2019ve uploaded. Add three AAA batteries and all is well. The toy can either play tunes or make noises when touched. The latter is probably more interesting as the tunes will make an adult go insane in a few minutes.

Iu2019m upset that I had to fabricate a part for a new toy to get it to work and also bothered that there is no customer support. If it had all worked without me needing to fix it, Iu2019d give it four stars. I have not improved my rating because the supplier did nothing to help me.

It would have been a great baby gift for our friend's grandchild, but the electric owl didn't work -as it has not for many other reviewers. Also, the contact phone number for the company takes the message and then nobody gets back to you ever.

Since I am a
May 20, 2018
This play mat is adorable. I love the colors because they're not primary colors, but still bright and attention getting for the baby. The styling of the animals is adorable. The great thing about this mat is that you can adjust the arches in several ways to suit your baby. You can have half of them lower so that the baby can reach the toys better etc.. whatever works best for your baby. The playmat itself is fairly thick, so it's comfortable for the baby to lay on. We have a lot of tummy time mats and gyms in our house and this is my favorite due to the way you can customize it. Even the toys can be hung at different levels whereas on other sets you're limited to wear they can hang and they're out of reach for much younger babies. When they can actually swat them and get them moving, they're much more interested and active rather than everything being out of reach.
Lifestyle by design
July 25, 2018
This is a neat little activity mat for my 6 month infant. The mat itself is a thin object which could really do with way more padding. I use it on my carpet so this is not much of an issue. But if you have hardwood floors, you may want to use something thicker as a backer under this. The illustrations on the mat are cute. The whole forest theme is something I personally enjoy but your mileage may vary according to your taste. There are just the adequate amount of toys (5). I would have preferred more variety in the sensory department but the baby doesnu2019t care. They are colorful objects to him and he will go for whichever catches his fancy. The toys are detachable which is always a bonus. The rope/string on one of the toys came loose when my little one tried to grab it. We had to cut the extra off so be mindful of that. The plastic owl works for me. Plays music etc. the touch sensor seems to be a bit finicky - it jumps from tune to tune really fast. Also they could have couched the plastic in softer fabric. Iu2019m afraid he may drop it on his face when he holds the owl. And for a baby that impact will be painful.

Setup is easy. Only snapping arches into the buttons in the fabric pockets was a bit of a chore. The arc was lower for a couple of days but gradually went up as shown in the picture with in a few days.

Overall a solid 4 star product. If they drop the cost to $35 then this would be a 5 star product.

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