STAJOY Pet Bowl Slow Feeder, Bloat Stop Dog Food Bowl, Interactive Food Bowl for Dog Cat

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Product Description

  • Safe & Non-toxic: The bowl body is glazed and flawless, non-toxic and tasteless. They are strictly made by 5A food-grade materials conform to environmental protection standards, feeding more at ease and security.
  • Sturdy & Durable: Lighter and less brittle than ceramic bowl also less noisy than a stainless steel bowl. It's easy to clean.
  • Excellent performance: W-shaped base to help prevent the bowl on the floor sliding, and has a leak-proof design, keep the floor clean.
  • Keep Healthy:Slower feeding reduces the risk of gastric bloat, choking and overeating, helping your pooch stay fit and healthy!
  • Superior Service:Money-back guarantee if your are not 100% satisfied.


STAJOY Small Cute SILICONE Pets Bowls
Our slow feeding bowl helps make mealtimes a fun a stimulating experience for your dog
Slower feeding improves digestion & helps prevent bloat, so fill up on fun while keeping your pup healthy & happy
1. Made of quality SILICONE. It will make it for long lasting good looks and superior performance.
2. The bowls offer a healthier alternative to plastic, making mealtime less messy without holding odors.
3. Flower shape and vibrant colors stimulate your pets' appetite and makes them enjoy the dinner more.
Anti-skid Rubber Base
Fitted with a rubber ring on the bottom, the pet bowl can stay in place while your pets eating, no more sliding across the floor and spilling to dirt the floor; The rubber base also helps to protect the bare and hardwood floor from damage.
Material: Stainless Steel
Top Diameter: 6.3 Inches
Bottom Diameter: 7.5 Inches
Height: 1.8 Inches
Suitable: Wet&Dry food, Water
Corrosion Resistant: YES
Weight: 200g
Package Content
1 Pack Cats Bowl
Warning: This is not a chew toy, if bowl becomes damaged, discard immediately, don’t microwave

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