Spalding Inflating Needles Silver One Size Huffy Sports 8463S

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  • Inflation needles
  • Ten metal needles
  • Spalding NBA branded

Inflating Needles

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Morley Dotes
January 26, 2018
These inflations are great. They are NOT cheap and feel like they will last. The last bunch I bought taught me a lesson. They were inexpensive, and also CHEAP. They broke/bent easily. These are solid and more heavy duty. They engage and disengage from a pump easily.
April 6, 2018
The Spalding Inflation Needles work great! There was 10 in the pack I ordered! Can be used on any sports ball that needs air! These are the same inflation needles used by the NBA! I recommend wetting the needle before insertion, it helps it slide in and back out!
Brian Gilhooly
July 21, 2014
These needles work great for me. I inflated a soccer ball using a car tire pump. The pump didn't have a place to screw the needle into, but it created enough pressure that it stayed in and inflated the ball without any problems. They are a great deal, and comes with 2 in case you end up losing one of them. I haven't had any problems that other reviewers are posting about, but I'll update my post if I end up having an issue.

Feel free to leave questions and I will answer them promptly.
Luke Jackson
March 9, 2015
I bought these because I wasn't sure if the basketball I bought online also needed to be inflated (fortunately it was). While they appear to work as intended, I thought they would just thread into my existing bike pump but for some reason the threads are a different size (needle threads are too small). I can remedy the situation by wrapping the threads with teflon plumbers tape, but I'm just slightly disappointed a bike pump and these needles weren't the same size. Unsure if it's just my bike pump or not.
A. Scovens-Thomas
December 8, 2015
I purchased these needles for my son to put air into his basketball. The needles are a bit large. In the future I will purchase the Spalding air pump. Which I should have done. Instead I purchased another air pump thinking that he can use these needles with the pump. Thank God the air pump I purchased came with a needle.
Uncle Don
December 21, 2014
What can I say about these inflating needles? Well, they work as you would expect, and they are very cheap compared to buying them retail at Dick's sporting goods or something.... particularly when you think about the fact that you would have driven there in your car, spent $5 on gas, and probably stopped at Noodles & Co. on your way home... that becomes a pricey inflating needle!
These arrived quickly, and they work as expected. The only challenge is to find a place to keep them where you won't lose them!
January 17, 2018
Excellent value. I only needed several inflation needles for our grandson but the cost per needle is less expensive than buying at a sporting goods store. The quality is standard but if he loses these or give several to his friends, there will be plenty left over...
Christopher E
July 27, 2017
These work just as you'd expect and great price for ten. (The only improvement would be a if they came in a small plastic container for after you've opened the package.)

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