Soft Clay Air Dry Molding for Slime 36 Color Anyumocz

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Product Description

  • Color:36 colors.You can mix a variety of colored clay if you want more kinds of colors.
  • Product packaging:36 pouch packs.0.42oz/pouch pack.15.24oz in total.This product is packaged in sealed bag.They cannot all open in the air,so as not to dry out.
  • 36 Colors air dry clays are made of natural resin,pure water and pigment which is harmless and environmentally friendly.
  • Fine in quality and Exquisite in color,smooth feel,non stick,ultra light and resilient,easy to handle.Recommended for children over 3 years old.
  • Clay is a natural air drying.You can use some of the clay from it,but you should keep them on the self-seal bag when you don't use they.The clay placed on the table can protect the clay with plastic wrap or wet cloth.


Description Of Goods
Under the exploration of adults and children,the clay can be changed at random.In the process of operation,promote the child's brain,eye and hand coordination development.Thus the child's memory and imagination are cultivated.
If the clay dries out and loses its ductility,cut the dry clay and soak it in water until the clay is completely soaked.

Customer reviews(8)

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May 28, 2018
My daughter wanted model magic to make slime, but this was a much cheaper option. She is 11 and makes slime all of the time, and she said this worked great. *Plus side - lots of different colors*
N Fox
April 25, 2018
used these for a boy scout fossil imprint, worked great and the boys took them home
August 9, 2018
Sticky until it dries a bit first. Not good for making pots for plants but probably great for all kinds of other crafts. The little bags fit in the palm of my hand.
March 10, 2018
I bought these for my daughter's head start classroom. They were a huge hit!! They are easy to use. The colors don't blend together like play dough. This product is so light, it is perfect for tiny hands to use. It does try fairly quickly as well. This was enough for 16 kids to make a small creation each. The amazing things that were created with this dough. It held together well enough that the kids were able to work it with ease, and accuracy. They added smaller pieces to larger with no fall off since dried. Def worth the price.
AaoRn Peters
August 12, 2018
These come in baggies and are very sticky and hard to get out of the bags. I had my kids remove them from the bags and put them into small containers and within 3 weeks almost all of them started to grow massive amounts of mold on them. I had to throw about 8 colors away and heres a pic of one of the least moldy and most.
Arnold Stefan Velker
July 7, 2018
Comes with great amount for craft and good price but on one of the clay packs there was a block dot and Iu2019m not sure if itu2019s mold but itu2019s on only one so I would recommend to buy this for the great price and size of clay
Scott Landeth
July 17, 2018
Was awesome! It feel very soft and is very lightweight .Recommend to anyone!
Amazon Customer
September 24, 2018
My son had been using these and loves them. They are pliable and donu2019t dry out if they are in the bags.

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