Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Kneeler Pad, Blue 235505-CNSZP

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Large and cushy for parent's comfort Hangs to dry on towel bar or shower rod with strap Non-skid base stays in place Made with quick-dry neoprene Coordinates with Moby bath collection Phthalate-Free Size (inches): 17l x 11w x 1.3h

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October 5, 2015
Let's make a product that is designed to be used within close proximity to water, but is unable to be machine washed or dried. GREAT IDEA! Oh, but you say I can
July 5, 2015
So worth it
May 11, 2015
So I had this item for about two weeks and can not say anything bad about it. Does work how they say. Also for the people that write bad reviews on this items. Is bc they did not read the instructions that came with it. They complain about stains and smells. But it tells you to hang it up after every use. And bc I did that it only has small to none WATER STAIN ON IT. I am a person that relies on reviews so I can get the best product of what I am looking for. I added a picture so people can see what it looks like after 2 weeks of use. Hope this helps buyers A++++
Also I am a person with super bad knees bc of service in the army.
March 4, 2015
I am a HUGE fan of Skip Hop. We have their products all over our house. I recently bought this because the guest bathroom (the one with a bathtub) had sliding glass shower doors on it. We removed those doors, but the track cannot be removed from the tub. Therefore, it is impossible to sit on the edge of the bathtub. The first few times I gave my toddler a bath in our only tub in the house my knees got killed kneeling on the floor. I saw this adorable whale kneeler and decided it was a must-have, especially after seeing the price tag. (I threw in the Skip Hop whale spout cover too! So cute!) Once we received this, I couldn't wait to give my daughter a bath! I tossed it down on the floor and dropped to my knees. This thing was crazy comfortable! Then my daughter begin to splash and I thought 'uh oh, this thing is going to move all over the place once the floor gets wet.' Nope! It stays in one place, thanks to the non-slip backing. I smiled to myself thinking about what a win this mat was. Then I pulled my kiddo out of the tub, let her press her feet down on the kneeler, which made super cute tiny human footprints and made my cutie giggle. I dried her off and hung this adorable mat up to dry, thanks to the well thought out little hanging strap that comes apart via velcro. Perfect, since I hang it from the shower rod, as we don't have any towel racks currently installed in out bathroom.
*spoiler alert*
Here comes that sad part of this otherwise perfect mat.. When I went to grab the mat to lay it down again for another bath (several days later) I noticed it was covered with yucky looking water stains. Oh no! I threw it in the washing machine on hand wash cycle, hoping they'd come out. No dice. I dabbed a few drops of lemon essential oil on it (antibacterial) and tossed it back in the wash. Then it came out even grosser looking with spots. I said RIP to the thing and sadly tossed it in the trash. If you want a mat that stays clean looking, don't buy this one. :(
September 26, 2012
My girlfriend's roommate recently had a baby and their knees were getting wrecked kneeling down by the bathtub when they gave the baby a bath. When I went to Target with my girlfriend, I noticed she looked longingly at a knee pad but ultimately decided that the $40+ wasn't worth it for the ugly and heavy monstrosity of a kneeler.

Enter me, the hero of this story. I rushed onto and browsed for knee pads and BAM! This one came up as a top hit and had favorable reviews. Best of all, it seemed incredibly cute and was much cheaper than expected. When it arrived I was very surprised. It's a very lightweight knee pad, which normally might be a bad thing because lightweight knee pads tend to move all over the place. However, they designed the bottom of this knee pad with a material that sticks to the floor when you're kneeling on it. And when you're not using it, the little yellow handle has velcro on it so you can open it up and tie it around a towel rack if you want. In short, this thing is well designed.

Best of all, I got major brownie points with my girlfriend and her roommate. So what would you rather have? An upset girlfriend with bruises on her knees or the coolest knee pad ever in the history of ever? Easy choice.
Matty Blue Eyes
December 20, 2016
This little pad is awesome. I have the luxury of bathing my son each night while my wife changes into her pajamas and brushes her teeth. Yay! Saves my knees, for sure, and isn't too big to get in the way with the rest of the floor space in our little guest bathroom where my son bathes. Well worth the money and matches with some of the other bathroom themes items the little guy has. Nice.
March 23, 2017
I love this whale mat. I have back problems and it makes kneeling down easier on my knees and back. Another very cool feature is the velcro yellow tab at the end. Right after bath time, I just hang it up on the shower curtain rod to dry. So simple. I also have the matching whale
August 22, 2016
WTF?? We've used it once, and the water that dropped onto it stained a funky brown color! It looks like BLOOD STAINS..not lying.

Isn't it just neoprene, like a wetsuit? Wetsuits don't stain when you get them wet...not sure why this does. What a crappy product with a cute face on it.

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