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  • Quality Aftermarket parts, Non-original and Brand New
  • Features: Compatible - with Leaded or Unleaded Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Blended Fuels, Pure Alcohol & Fuel Additives.
  • No Electrical Contacts,
  • Self-Priming - to 12 Inches of Fuel Lift
  • 7-15 day to US

Quality Aftermarket parts
-5 day to US

Non-original and Brand New
Part & Cross Reference Numbers: Facet 4004N, 394, 395, 499544, 43084, Federal Mogul P554, Ford BD9Z9350A, D5Z9350A, D9Z9850A, John Deere GG40-3403, Textron 05G0

Features: Compatible - with Leaded or Unleaded Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Blended Fuels, Pure Alcohol & Fuel Additives. Reliable - No Contacts, Bearings, Rubber Diaphragms or Valves to Wear Out or Fatigue. Easy to Install & Service. Eliminates Vapor Lock - for Constant, Smooth Fuel Delivery on Hot Days & High Altitudes. Pressure Relief - Eliminates Flooding & Assures Satisfactory Restarting on the Hottest Days. Corrosion Resistant - the All Steel Case Is Plated to Provide Over 00 Hours of Salt Spray Resistance. Self-Priming - to Inches of Fuel Lift.

Filter Specifications: N/A
Fitting Type: /8- Internally Threaded
GPH: 5
Min Dry Lift: in / 30.48cm
Max Shutoff Pressure: 4 PSI
Min Shutoff Pressure: .5 PSI
Negative Leads: 0.5" Ring Terminal
Includes Positive Shutoff Valve?: No
Includes Check Valve?: No
Includes Quiet Valve?: No
Packaging: Clamshell
Includes the 400N Pump & () Each of Straight 5/" Fittings, Nuts, Screws & Washers
Application: All Carburetor-Equipped Cars, Vans & Light Trucks, Stationary Engines, Gen-Sets, Fuel Priming & Transfer Applications
Weight: .3 lbs / 0. kg
Replaces these part numbers:
Facet Fuel Pumps 4004N, 4004, PRO4SM, PRO4SV

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December 19, 2017
This part worked perfectly. I was so worried this wouldnt fix the problem but it did....I was so excited. I used this on a newly 2016 recondition rail buggy from a 1973 Volkswagen. My father passed away this year and left this street legal vehicle to me. I love it and really enjoy working on it like I used to helping my dad build race cars. I worked my way through the problems and found that the old fuel pump when connected wasn't making a ticking noise anymore so I found this part and connected it and the ticking noise came back and we started right up. I was so worried about finding this special part.
Leonard Perry
November 16, 2017
so far so good. primed right up and puts out a good stream of gas just like its supposed to!
December 7, 2017
November 27, 2018
Put in a Case 1816b skid steer has done the job so far

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