Sennheiser MB Pro 2 UC ML (506046) - Dual-Sided, Dual-Connectivity, Wireless Bluetooth Headset | For Desk/Mobile Phone & Softphone/PC Connection| w/ HD Sound & Skype for Business Certified (Black) Sennheiser Enterprise Solutions

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Product Description

  • Mobile Unified Communications: For professionals using Skype for Business, who require a consistently excellent hands-free communication solution
  • Dual Connectivity: Switch seamlessly between two connected Bluetooth devices (cell phones, softphones, desk phones, etc.) for premium call flexibility
  • Seamless PC/Softphone Connection: With the included dongle, connecting to a PC/Softphone has never been easier
  • HD Sound: Powered by a neodymium speaker for legendary Sennheiser HD sound to ensure a clearer and more natural audio experience
  • Ultra-Noise Cancelling Technology: Filters out all unwanted background noise for crystal-clear conversations
  • Extended Talk-time: With up to 15 hours of talk time, you can always stay focused on your conversations
  • Peace of Mind: With a 2-year warranty on all headsets (including batteries), you never have to worry about the quality of your bluetooth headset

Sennheiser’s MB Pro Series offers premium wireless Bluetooth headsets for business professionals on the move who demand high quality audio for speaker and listener – and exceptional wearing comfort. The MB Pro Series features Sennheiser Room Experience technology, which reduces listener fatigue for all day users by giving them the impression they are having a conversation with a person in the same room. This realistic sound provides a more natural and comfortable listening experience with less stress in noisy environments. The MB Pro is crafted with high-end materials to Sennheiser’s high standards to ensure maximum durability and design quality. The MB Pro Series offers wireless communication freedom, brilliant sound and excellent wearing comfort.
Choosing the right MB Pro:
MB PRO 1/2
Premium Bluetooth headsets for business professionals who demand wireless communication freedom, brilliant sound quality, and exceptional wearing comfort.
Optimized for major UC platforms, the headsets are designed for UC business professionals who demand wireless communication freedom, brilliant sound quality, and exceptional wearing comfort.
Certified for Skype for Business, the headsets are designed for Microsoft users who demand wireless communication freedom, brilliant sound quality, and exceptional wearing comfort.

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Big E
July 13, 2015
I purchased two competing Bluetooth headsets for my business, and this Sennheiser was one of them. I needed a primary unit, and a backup unit just in case (my consulting business demands very long telephone calls throughout the day). I chose Sennheiser being a long-time user of their products (forty years!) and a fan of their build and sound quality.

The build quality of the MB Pro2 is excellent, just as you would expect from Sennheiser. Solidly constructed, yet light and easily worn, the MB Pro2 feels good on the head and comfortable on the ears. The headset just seems to fit naturally, a testament to Sennheisers design team. I REALLY appreciate the integrated charging stand, easily the best feature overall of this headset (keep reading). Pairing the MB Pro2 to both my Macs (running Yosemite) and my iPhone (iOS 8.1) was easy, and I was up and running in just a few minutes.

In order to test the headset, I performed a Skype test call (you record for 10 seconds and Skype plays back your recording). I immediately noticed that the sound quality was good, but a little grainy (as is usual with Bluetooth headsets). Whether this is a result of the Bluetooth codec, the mic, or the earphones, I'm uncertain. But, strangely, the boom mic just didn't pick up my voice to the extent that I was expecting -- it sounded dim and slightly distant, even though the mic is literally 2 cm from my mouth. I adjusted the headset volume to its highest level, but no joy -- still the same dim and distant presence. I was able to compensate by talking a little louder, but my voice level is noticeably unnatural at that volume and it seems like I'm being verbally assertive. After about a half-hour of testing, including disconnecting and reconnecting via Bluetooth (to see how robust the connection capability is), I felt that I understood the headset and was ready to use it.

To contrast, my other headset is a BlueParrott B350-XT in a very similar configuration, but with only one earpiece (and, sadly, no integrated charging stand). The BlueParrott is solidly constructed and feels good on the head, but -- in my limited subjective testing -- has better sound quality, and at a better recorded volume than the Sennheiser. I wasn't expecting this at all. I don't have to elevate my voice with the BlueParrott, and the sounds is slightly less grainy (more "fluid"?) than the Sennheiser.

So, the bottom line is this: the Sennheiser MB Pro2 XL is a very good headset, with good quality sound and excellent design features (especially the integrated charging stand) and the welcome stereo ear cans; it is a core part of my daily work life and workflow. However, if I had to do it all over again, I'd probably elect to simply get a second BlueParrott B350-XL as a backup headset as the sound quality is subjectively better, even though it doesn't come with the nifty integrated charging stand and has only one earpiece.

*** One-week Update ***

Long story made short, I discovered that my headset was operating on a very old release of firmware (1.0.x). I was able to determine how to update the firmware from the Sennheiser site, and was able to get the firmware up to the current 1.1.x level. Both the questionable quality audio (slight raspiness) and the poor voice pickup on the mic are now history and calls are very clean in both directions. Now, the only complaint I have is that one of the headset ear cups rests on the base of the stand when the headset is mounted on its charging station. This may actually be an intentional design feature that stabilizes the headphones while being charged. My only concern is that the matte surface on the headphones may wear down over time by regularly scuffing the base of the stand. Not a big deal, but something to note.

This is now my primary headset and it now works flawlessly. I've relegated the BlueParrott to my computer bag for travel. I'm raising my rating to a full five stars. I'm absolutely thrilled with this purchase.

Note that the Sennheiser updater is a Windows-based program, so you'll need access to a Windows machine (such as a family member's or friend's system) or operating system instance (such as a Windows 7 virtual machine running on your Mac) in order to perform the update. Once the update procedure is complete, you'll be able to continue using your headset on your Mac, iPhone, etc. The updater is NOT required in order to use the headset on a Mac, iPhone, etc.

*** Five-month Update ***

This headset is absolutely rock-solid and performs flawlessly. I use this thing for 5-8 hours per day on a daily basis, and, frankly, couldn't imagine working without it. Absolutely no complaints at this point. It's comfortable and wears well. It is well designed and everything is "in its place". The boom is the perfect length and stays just out of the way. The headset has just the correct weight (not too heavy, not too light), and it has that intangible "feeling of quality". It behaves well via Bluetooth signaling (i.e. informs my iPhone that it has been picked up off the stand which then answers the call, etc.) Sound quality remains superb, and people tell me that my voice is crystal clear on the other end. The charging stand is a God-send and keeps the headset constantly charged without me having to think about it. This has been a fantastic purchase and one that I would do again in a heartbeat. I wish all products were as well developed and integrated as these 'phones. Reiterate: 5-stars. (P.S. And, no, I have no affiliation with Sennheiser whatsoever, other than the many decades that I've been a customer of theirs).
Robert T. Langston
March 10, 2016
Product shipped and received very quickly. The only problem experienced upon receipt was the LYNC dongle was missing. Not a big deal for me, but I did pay for it and it should have been received. I have asked to return the original order so that I can get one with the dongle. In the meantime I am using the headset. Pairing was accomplished in a matter of minutes to my Panasonic KX-TG9382T base unit and to my iPhone 5S. I thought I could also pair it with my Macbook, but discovered that while I can pair up to 6 devices, only 2 can be active at once. The range is acceptable but not anywhere near the claimed range of 33 meters. I was skeptical of the claim and several days of usage has demonstrated that 33 meters is a pipe dream. 10 meters is a stretch even with a clear line of sight. I have been experiencing some electronic interference that I haven’t been able to isolate. I can be heard by the people I call and while not overwhelming, it is certainly distracting. My base phone is DECT 6.0 which claims to eliminate such interference. I have a WIFI network for internet and printer, but don’t know if that would cause interference with the bluetooth for the headset. The interference is intermittent so it may take a while to track it down. Big pluses: headset battery life (the lady inside the headset says more than 10 hours) and so far so good; Comfort - terrific! I have worn them all day (for me this means from about 7 am to 6 or 7 pm) without my ears feeling numb, burning or ringing. Overall, a nice product with excellent comfort, superior sound quality and reasonably good features. 1 star off for number of devices that can be active and interference problem. Otherwise, I’d buy again and would buy again from this seller.
March 4, 2016
By far the best business-oriented wireless headset I have ever used (and I did use quite a few, wireless and wired ones).

Here is a quick overview (after ~6 months of everyday business usage).

- Lightweight. Can stay on for a few hours w/o any discomfort
- Great battery life. I use it every day (~1hr, sometimes more) and still only need to recharge once a week.
- Great sound quality (both ways, mic and headset).
- Room Presence is wonderful (I turned it on and after getting used to it, left on permanently). I really like it as it does make conversations more natural sounding.
- Ability to connect both phone and computer at the same time is very convenient (as some meetings would not support computer-based audio so one has to dial-in)
- Exceptional with iPhone 6
- Great Mac OS X compatibility (up to El Capitan 10.11.x; latest at the moment).
- Great Microsoft Lync for Mac compatibility (to the point it even muted the mic when you join a Lync meeting or presenter has elected to mute all participants). Also works great with AT&T Connect (Mac) for those who use it.
- Supplied USB dongle enables high quality of sound (voice) and is recognized by Mac OS X w/o any drivers

- Originally, I thought the price was high (I could not have imagined spending that much on a headset). Now, after 6 months I think it is very reasonable considering the overall features/performance.
- Music quality sucks. Don't consider that you can use this headset for music; it is not designed for that. It's low frequency response is cut ~150Hz so lows do not exist here. Imagine Senheiser headphones with dark sound signature (subtle highs) but w/o lows? No, not for me.
- (not really cons, just a note) One must use supplied USB dongle. While headset supports standard bluetooth profiles, if connected directly to Mac (no dongle), voice quality through Lync is terrible (occasional dropouts/cannot understand anything). This never happens through the supplied USB dongle.

Overall, very happy with it and would definitely highly recommend it for business usage.

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