Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Case Slim, Newdery 4700mAh Rechargeable Extended Charging Case Compatible Galaxy S9(5.8')(Black) Newdery 4700mAh Rechargeable Extended Charging Case Compatible Galaxy S9(5.8)(Black) XDL_184 S9

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Color:GALAXY NOTE 8 Battery Case


Product Description

  • ◎Add Extra 100% Juice For Galaxy S9 - ONLY compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9!!! Built-in 4700mAh huge capacity Li-polymer battery, offers extra 100% battery life for your phone effectively, made of TPU and PC material, providing full protection to edge.
  • ◎Simultaneous Charging And DATA-SYNC - You can charge your phone and case at the same time(6.5h all full charged), sync your Galaxy S9 with PC or laptop without removing the battery case. support quick charger, 100% safe with internal circuit protection against overheating, overload and short circuit.
  • ◎Easy To Installation - Slide your phone into the battery case to well connect the Type-C USB port of battery case, and press cellphone into the case, easy to start / stop charging your phone by pressing the power button for 3 seconds.
  • ◎Smart LED Indicators - 4 LED power lights allow you to accurately keep track of remaining power in your battery case(0--25%--50%--75%--100%), The LED light will flash when case is charging, but don't flash when the case charging Galaxy S9, The LED indicator will stop flashing when the battery is full of power.
  • ◎100% SATISFACTION WARRANTY: Lifetime Warranty ensures you are protected for the life of this product Galaxy S9 portable battery case or service, If you have any problem, feel free to contact us. You will be offered help from our NEWDERY Customer Support Team within 24 hours 【Package include】:4700mAh Galaxy S9 Battery Case *1,User manual *1

Customer reviews(35)

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June 27, 2018
Works just as advertised! Been using this the entire day, and thanks to the battery case, my phone is still above 90%. The LED indicator does a good job in letting you know when to charge the case. This case is worth it to have it handy for those times you're traveling.

The case does double the thickness of the phone with a standard-size case, but the trade off makes sense given the high capacity battery the case carries. The cut outs are well aligned. I love that that the cut out for the headphone jack is large enough to accommodate wider aux cables.

In terms of protection, the back and the sides are well covered. The glass front, however, is exposed since the case does not have protruding lips for the lay-on-the-table design. Taking the phone in and out of the case is a breeze.
August 17, 2018
I've had this battery for about a week and it has been rock solid. I cross shopped it with a few other batteries, but at half the price of most of the others, I figured I would give it a try. A few things I really like:
- The fit for my S9+ is perfect. No gaps. It is snug and secure.
- Easy to put in and take out of the case - you angle it in onto the USB plug and then press it in. Reverse to get it off.
- Battery life is awesome. I've gotten 1.5 full charges out of it before recharging, so it will let my phone last for days.
- Charging from the battery is fast-charge. Charging the unit takes a while, but I love that it charges the phone first, so you can top up the phone if you need too and not take it out of the case.

Only thing I'd gripe about is the size, but that is the same with any battery backup and this one carries its size well.

Overall, this case is now with me anytime I'm traveling or expecting a lot of use on the phone, which is often. Very pleased with my purchase.
C. K. Grannum
August 17, 2018
First off let me begin by saying that I received this case in exchange for posting a review on Amazon. Now that's out of the way, I can honestly say that this case was definitely worth checking out and has worked without issue. The phone is really easy to get into and out of the case (which is a huge plus), and the ability to charge them both when plugging in the charger is clutch. I was able to get a few top ups from the case and maybe a full charge and a half when my phone was close to dying. The soft touch rubber is also a nice touch as it makes it easier to hold/ handle. It also sticks to my magnetic mount in the car which is a HUGE bonus I wasn't expecting. The only issue I have is that Android Auto in my car does not work when connecting through this case, but that shouldn't be a deal breaker as it's a minor gripe and not a flaw per say.
All in all I'd recommend this case, especially at this price point.
August 12, 2018
This product is pretty good for the price. It works well and it does not really affect my usage aside from the heat it generates when plugged in.

Provides one full charge for the phone per full charge of the case
Provides a little bit of protection
Feels comfortable to the hands
Provides pretty good grip
Guaranteed to work with Samsung Pay (MST)

It does generate some heat when being used to charge and when charging it
Adds some thickness (not too much)
Can feel heavy at first

Okay, so I have had this for two days now and i am pretty happy. I used it for work and my phone lasted for a whole solid 12 hours at work (started my day with full charge battery case and 60% phone battery) even though I was using it the whole time. I was browsing reddit, playing games and watching Youtube videos.

Charging the case and using the case generates heat at the lower back so while it is not hot enough to burn, it can get uncomfortable. This is normal.

Charged my phone from 40 to 100 at around 45 minutes to an hour (forgot exact time). It does provide fast charging (at least that is what my phone is saying).

If you use Samsung Pay, it will work. I have used it just a few minutes before I wrote this and it worked nicely.

Would greatly recommend for the price.

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