Samsung Appliance NX58K9850SG 30' Slide-in Gas Range with Sealed Burner Cooktop, 5.8 cu. ft. Primary Oven Capacity, in Black Stainless Steel NX58K9850SG/AA

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  • 5.8 Cu. Ft. Self Cleaning Dual Convection Flex Duo Oven
  • Flex Duo With Dual Door Provides Ultimate Cooking Flexibility
  • 5 Sealed Burners, 5000 - 22000 BTUs
  • 22K BTU True Dual Power Burner

30 Inch Flex Duo Slide-In Gas Range Soft Close Dual Door Sealed Burners .8 cu. ft. Dual Convection Oven Blue LED Knobs WiFi Connectivity Storage Drawer Self-Cleaning Mode

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July 20, 2018
I would like to share my families experience in buying Samsung appliances. Let me start by saying that we spent over 9000 dollars on brand new appliances just over a year ago. My wife loved the look of the Samsung black stainless steel so we bought an entire house full of appliances. Refrigerator, range, dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer. Every single one of them has failed in that year, some on multiple occasions. Our microwave which most appliance repair guys will tell you are pretty universally reliable broke within the first month. The gas range needed repaired on three separate occasions, the dishwasher has been repaired twice and works intermittently now, the dryer squeals like a pig going to slaughter and the refrigerator stopped working while we were on vacation this past May. We have now been without a refrigerator for just shy of two months. It took Samsung over a month to send out a technician to look at it and another two weeks to get parts. After the “repair” the technician informed us that the unit was not repairable and a replacement was needed. Bear in mind we bought the appliances in May of 2017, the refrigerator failed in May of 2018 and now in July after telling us it is not repairable and they are sending a replacement unit I get an email apologizing for the inconvenience but that they will not replace the unit nor fix the dryer. We had never had new appliances and a year ago we were excited that now we had a houseful of beautiful new shiny appliances. Some of these appliances are nearly top of the line Samsung models and all of them have failed or no longer function. Do yourself and your family a favor and do not purchase Samsung products or atleast do not purchase their appliances. I have never made such a large purchase and been as disappointed as I have with Samsung. They have been horrible in every facet from quality to service. Do not make the same mistake we did. Samsung is a horrible company.

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