Proform 67469 Carburetor Jet Installation Tool

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  • 67469
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Jet Installation ToolDon't damage your jets with a clumsy screwdriver. This handy tool makes installation and removal of jets a cinch!

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PDX consumer
January 19, 2016
I bought this tool because my jets were stuck and I thought this would work better than a screwdriver. This tool is much more cheaply made than any screwdriver I've ever had, so the blade bent pretty quickly as soon as I put pressure on it. I guess this might work if your jets were not stuck, but if you have a flattened screwdriver go with that instead.
What ended up working for my jets was tapping on a screwdriver with a hammer. The tapping freed them up enough to take them out with the screwdriver.
Linda G Miller
October 6, 2015
Way too big for installing edelbrock jets, the round tip at the end will not fit inside the opening preventing the blades from engaging the slots in the jet. (The diameter of the round tip is 0.1755") Like a another reviewer, I also ended up grinding down a common screwdriver to install my jets. Looks like it would work fine to install jets having an upper opening big enough for the tip to fit inside...roughly 3/16" or greater. The diameter of the shaft is 0.316" (not a problem on my Carter BBD, but could possibly be a limiting factor in some applications).
Christopher M.
February 8, 2016
Fantastic tool and well worth the investment. I was slightly hesitant about purchasing a non-Holley tool to remove Holley jets, but decided to give this a try anyway. I'm glad I did because it's already saved me a bunch of time so far. I'm super happy that I don't have to remove the top of the fuel bowl when I'm swapping out jets now!
Michael Kegley
June 3, 2015
Did not work for my application. The shaft of the tool was too thick to be inserted into the opening to reach the jets on the carbs I was rebuilding. I ended up having to grind down a long thin screwdriver to get the jets out.

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