Professional Products 70151 PowerFlow EFI Fuel Pump (220 L/H)

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Product Description

  • Available in three sizes
  • All three pumps come with an attractive extruded mounting bracket that also functions as a heat sink and noise suppressor

The pumps are similar in physical size and appearance to Walbro or Airtex pumps with one very important difference. Our pumps have 1/4-NPT pipe threads on both the inlet and outlet port which allows users the flexibility of a wide range of fuel line connection fittings. If you want to connect to a /8" hose, use fitting #1044. To connect to a -6AN hose end, use adapter fitting #154. See horsepower ratings below to select the proper pump for your particular installation. All three pumps operate at 45 PSI of fuel pressure. They come with an extruded aluminum mounting clamp which also acts as a heat sink. The aluminum mounting housing for the 0 l/h pump is anodized red for quick visual identification.

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May 2, 2013
Found this EFI pump online liked the price, the simple hook up,(in line outside the fuel tank). 1/4" lines were just right for the 5/16 steel lines already there. The noise I heard was unbearable however, worse then a bad bearing and noticeable when you were driving and stopped at a red light. However we drove 25,000 miles and replaced the pump three times. No warning run one minute and just quit. Contacted the MFG. but heard nothing from them! The last pump managed to get me thirty eight miles from install and quit. One supplier told me they had no problem with the pumps ever. I have a problem with it, I Bought Too Many!

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