Prevue Pet Products Snuggle Hut, Assorted Colors Prevuew Pet Products BC067252

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Size:8 Inch


Product Description

  • 10"sturdy tent-like shelter offers birds a place to hide, play and sleep. Plastic inserts in
  • bottom and sides help maintain shape and fabric is machine washable sewn-in hooks
  • allow for easy insertion into cage.

Size:8 Inch

Prevue Pet Products Snuggle Hut Medium Assorted Colors 10in

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April 30, 2016
Great product and although it took some time for my Conure to warm up to the idea of this imposing item in his domain, as soon as he got the idea it became a pleasure to both of us to experience every night watching him eagerly running into it at his
Amazon Customer
September 13, 2017
My conure loved this hut so much. All he wanted to do when I wasn't around is tear it up and hang out in it. He slept in it every night and it was by far the best investment for his cage. I'm leaving a four-star review because it is such an amazing toy and house for your little bird, but it's so dangerous as well. I should have been more responsible, I've seen the reviews and warnings from people about their birds getting killed from it, but I ran my hand through the hut every day and cut out any strings, and it seemed safe to me until I came home from work.

If you get this for your bird, you will be pleased. But please don't leave them alone with this hut.
March 29, 2016
My bird loves it and they are cheap enough for me to be able to keep extra if he decides to chew on it! I always always always always always always always replace it if it is fraying in any spot, so that my Green Cheek Conure stays safe, and would recommend the same for everyone! There shouldn't be any problem as long as your responsible in checking for any damage every day, and switching it out immediately, or removing it till you can get a new one.
May 1, 2017
Very disappointed with this product and strongly recommend against it. Cheaply constructed with absolutely nothing inside the base (like a piece of plastic or even cardboard) to make it solid. My bird chewed through the fake fur cloth interior almost immediately, which made the base unable to support the sides and allowed them to collapse on one another, and turned the remaining cloth at the bottom into a dangerous trap just waiting to catch him by the nails.
Andrea Smith
December 4, 2017
Either replace it the second they start chewing the lining out or prepare for a tragedy. A string got wrapped around my girlu2019s neck and now sheu2019s gone. Please, please donu2019t buy this.
Jackie Fisher
January 21, 2016
These are great little huts. I would like to make one suggestion though. I believe there is cardboard on the bottom of the hut under the furry part? It would be nice if these could be thrown in the wash to clean them but I fear the bottom will fall apart if I do. Would it be possible to put a plastic piece between the fur and base to eliminate that problem?
Lisa Maria Smith
September 2, 2009
The quality inside the snuggle hut is satisfactory, but, I can't say the same for the outside. The black part that allows you to fasten it to the cage is, in my opinion, not a good enough quality for birds. My parrot had chewed completely through the black
December 21, 2017
I'm sorry to read about the misfortune some of the bird owners have experienced while using this product... I own a pet rat and I use a lot of bird accessories for her like this hanging tent. It works great for her.

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