Natural Non-Stick, Habitat Surface Spray: Cage & Toy Shield with Odor Prevention for Birds, 8 oz. Really Natural Pet Products

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Product Description

  • Non toxic, plant based coating for messy bird habitats - cockatoo, amazon, budgie, parakeet, lorikeet, macaw, conure, cockatiel
  • Prevents food, excrement & messy droppings from binding to any surface - cages, toys, food cups, floors, even walls outside cage
  • Non-stick, easy to clean surface also provides anti-corrosive barrier and inhibits smell caused by bacteria buildup
  • Slick without being greasy or oily so it does not attract grime; food and pet waste slide right off with a wipe
  • Ideal for use after steam cleaning cages. For a complete clean with enhanced odor protection use with related product Cage & Toy Wash

Cage & Toy Shield is an unscented surface protectant that provides a non-stick coating that makes both daily wipe ups and full cleanings easy. Developed for pets in habitats like cages or hutches, it's a non toxic, plant based, biodegradable product that prevents food, excrement & other messy droppings from adhering to any surface. Cage & Toy Shield provides a non-stick surface while also creating an anti-corrosive barrier that leads to less bacteria buildup.
Cage & Toy Shield can be used on any surface you want to keep clean, such as cages, toys, food cups, floors - anything you want to have a protective, easy to clean surface to work with. The finish is non-stick without being greasy or oily so your pets will not slip.
Over time, your pet's environment stays healthier longer when using Cage & Toy Shield because it helps prevent bacteria from feeding. You will have peace of mind about the cleanliness of your pet's habitat & your cleanings will be quick & easy. The product stops residues from becoming rock hard splatters that are time consuming to remove from cages habitats & accessories.
For a complete clean with odor protection, we recommend using this product as a followup after using Really Natural's Cage & Toy Wash. We have been supplying these products to a loyal following of bird & small caged pet owners for over 4 years. Cage & Toy Wash gets your animal habitat clean, saves time plus lots of water and provides preventative odor protection. Cage & Toy Shield makes daily wipe ups extremely easy!

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Jack Pritchard
July 11, 2018
This stuff works good,will buy it again........
Eve M. Johnson
June 12, 2016
July 31, 2014
Love this product and received a nice little gift with it. Cleans well and my animals are safe. Will continue to buy!

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