Motorcraft DG-470 Coil Assy-Ignition

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Product Description

  • High electrical resistance
  • Provide excellent starting connections
  • Resists corrosion and abrasion
  • Durable and reliable under extreme conditions
  • Made of high quality

Ignition coil -- High quality, original equipment replacement part, direct fit

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Nathaniel Dukes
October 22, 2016
The box was pretty beat up and i would have sworn that the part was either used previously or else want stored very well. The reason i bought this was to resolve an issue with my 1994 F150 stalling, which turned out to be the distributor pickup. At any rate, the truck would idle rough and felt like it lacked power. After changing out a plethora of parts (ICM, catalytic converter, fuel filter, etc) i decided to order an MSD coil from Amazon. My truck now runs like i expected it to, idling much better and with much more pep than before. I prefer using Motorcraft pays where possible, but i won't be buying them off Amazon any longer.
T. Brown
July 4, 2017
Product was not new as advertised. It had been installed before by the looks of the mounting holes. One of the holes is not even round and bolt will not pass through. The laminated core is loose. The boxed had been opened and taped up. I feel ripped off. If I want a refund looks like I would have to pay to ship it back and wait 7days to be refunded. F7PZ-12029-AA is the # on box and does not match # on coil (F7PJ-12029-AA). My original on my van does not even have a sticker on it. Not even positive it is a OEM Motorcraft coil.
September 26, 2016
The box the coil came in was taped together with a large piece of clear tape. The box had certainly seen better days. The coil I received while completely functional, appeared to either have been installed previously, or not properly stored. If you're reading this, I would advise going with an Accel Supercoil. I do regret making this purchase. The coil however is a direct match for OEM as far as I could tell. On my 1990 ford f350 7.5, it was a perfect fit. It only involved removing 4 small screws, a spark plug wire, and a large plug. It's a great and easy place to start on a tune up. Keeping a spare on hand also wouldn't be a terrible idea.
October 9, 2016
Like others have stated, it looked like it had already been installed previously.

Not sure what's up with that?

But solved a nagging intermittent stalling issue when I use this to replace my "high performance MSD" coil.

Car really runs much better now, will stick with the Motorcraft brand for the coil in the future.

1994 Mustang GT

Would give 5 stars but someone needs to address this issue with the parts showing signs of being previously installed.
April 21, 2015
Nothing beat OEM Ford Parts, especially electrical. I have owned this truck for 21 years and tried EVERY brand on the market after 3 replacements of "My Spark Died" (MSD) parts, I finally went back to motorcraft, and truck runs perfectly. No more misfires and erratic operation everytime it rains.
Mike R.
February 10, 2017
This fixed a consistent misfire and stuttering issue my Mustang 5.0 had for years. Should improve gas mileage as well. If you are experiencing the same or similar issues and have never changed this part start here (cheap and easy to change). You'll need a philips head/ flat head and 7/32nd socket and extension or swivel.
Stephen Scott Call
March 12, 2017
More of the same, the box was beat up the coil was used; I sent it back .
July 5, 2017
Replaced a 25yo coil.

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