Mighty Gadget (R 4 Pack of Kids Toys Pretend Play Toy Grenades with Realistic Explosion Sound & Light ( Beautiful Gift Box Package - Random Color)

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Product Description

  • This item comes with 4 realistic battery operated grenades (4 inch in height - Random Color)
  • Pull out the release pin and release the trigger of the grenade. Explosion sound will trigger in about 10 seconds
  • Best pretend play for kids who love military story. Friends can choose from different color toy grenades to form team
  • Remember, they are only toys - Please do not throw and drop the toy grenades with excessive force cause you will break them
  • Mighty Gadget (R) is US registered mark and is exclusively sold by Mighty Gadget

This iteme comes with 4 realistic battery operated grenades (4 inch in height - Random Color) Great pretend play toys for boys who love military grenades.
Toy grenade does not make sound or light after I remove the plastic battery tab: Solutions:
1.)Make sure you have pull the safety pin out, then press on the safety lever. Try to press the upper part of the lever as illustrated in the Figure 1 from product image
2.) Sometimes the battery may have been shifted position during transportation. Please reinsert the plastic battery insulation tab back to the slot on the battery door at the bottom of the grenade. Wiggle the plastic tab back and forth a few times to re-establish the battery connection. Then, your toy grenade should work. See Figure 2 from product image
3.)Please be aware that the toy grenades are made of plastics and are not intended to be thrown like a real grenade. By doing so, you will break them by dropping the grenades on hard surface

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