McGard 70007 Wheel Key Lock Storage Pouch (5)

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  • 5 PACK
  • Handy nylon pouch holds wheel lock keys and SplineDrive tools
  • Features An Elastic Loop On The Side That Slips Over Most Lug Wrench Shafts
  • The Zipper On The Pouch Keeps The Contents Secure For Convenient Storage And Helps Prevent Misplaced Keys And Tools

This handy nylon pouch can hold wheel lock keys and SplineDrive tools. It features an elastic loop on the side that slips over most lug wrench shafts. The zipper on the pouch keeps the contents secure for convenient storage and helps prevent misplaced key and Tools.

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April 14, 2015
I made the mistake of taking my vehicle to a corner shop to have my brakes done. They were late on the work and had it for several hours longer than promised so when I got it back I was in such a rush that I didn't check for my previous lug key. Fast forward 5K miles later when I take my vehicle to get tires rotated and now no key...

So, I bought this little pouch so I would have a visual reminder to check for my key when an auto shop has it. It is a small pouch with a zipper and a little loop on the end.

Here are my two gripes with it.

1. They should have velcro backed the pouch so you could stick it under your seat or somewhere where velcro attaches allowing you to hide it in your vehicle. I know of several people who have expensive wheels stolen, and having the lock only makes the badguy break your window and go into your glovebox to get the key. If it was velcro backed, he would just break your window and ransack your glovebox, but he would not get your wheels.

2. The little loop is so you can loop it onto the crummy emergency jack system that comes with your vehicle. The problem is that it is not elastic so if you want to loop it onto a modern folding T bar wrench, you cant.

I feel the pouch is a must for me as I wont lose the darn thing again, but with a little better engineering, it could be great.
April 10, 2017
This pouch is handy for keeping your key and spline drive tool together and organized in your car or garage. I can also fit a 13/16 deep socket in the pouch as well, so everything is handy for changing wheels. The material is a little thin and cheap feeling, but is fine for holding a few items in a light duty environment. Just a tip for anyone else looking at this, order 1 or 2 straight from McGard for way cheaper (and pick up an extra spline drive key and lock key).
Don U in Big Sky Country
January 28, 2013
I've used McGard Wheel Locks on vehicles for over ten years, and never had a satisfactory means of storing the Wheel Lock Key. And no matter how clearly I told service personnel where the key was located - IN THE CUP HOLDER - they always tossed the trunk, glove box, center console... ruining my organization and planning ahead by putting the key IN THE CUP HOLDER.

So when I saw this I thought this might be a solution. I could hang it in a highly visible, but secure location in the trunk. I was disappointed that this zippered pouch feels so flimsy. Since it will be holding a heavy metal item, and perhaps even the spare lug nuts, I had forcast that it would be some kind of sturdy heavy canvas.

So for what I got, I feel ripped off. It's overpriced. It remains to be seen if the white printing will catch the eyes of service personnel when I get the wheels rotated.
July 14, 2017
The McGard Wheel Key Lock Storage Pouch is the perfect item to accompany any lock set with your key lock and wheel locks. Notice I said "any" as I personally do not use McGard's key lock and wheel locks. I use a different brand, but particularly admire that McGard did not brand this pouch with their brand name. I also like how the pouch clearly identifies, "Wheel Lock Key" on the pouch. I always forget to mention I have wheel locks when taking vehicle in for service. Never have I had any mechanic ask where the key is with this pouch.

Now I will admit, I do keep this pouch in the vehicle's glove compartment. I do realize that this may not be the best place for the key lock inside the McGard Wheel Key Lock Storage Pouch. I read others requesting velcro or other options to hold this pouch secure in other hard to find and/or hard to reach areas inside the vehicle. I have personally not bothered to locate a place other than the vehicle glove compartment to store this pouch, so this is not an issue. The vehicle has an alarm system, which will alert others of vehicle break-in. Even if pouch is in vehicle glove compartment, there is less of a chance of wheel theft. Furthermore, if the pouch is kept in hard to find and/or hard to reach areas of the vehicle, the thief(s) stealing the tires would not know regardless.

The McGard Wheel Key Lock Storage Pouch holds wheel lock key as advertised.
John Doe
March 10, 2018
When it arrived I was shocked. this thing is little, I mean tiny. I said what the heck is this? An over night bag for a Barbie doll? It feels cheap, not rugged at all. If I knew it was like this I would have passed on it and used a Zip lock freezer bag. Having said that, if you actually want to slide it onto the lug wrench then yes its perfect but still not a high quality bag. It should do the job. It will fit one maybe 2 keys, I use 3 so I'm hoping I can get all 3 keys in it. .
Mark JW
December 31, 2017
Did not quite meet my expectations. It does the job. For the price, expected something a bit more robust. The material is very lightweight. I measured its thickness at .15 mm using a micrometer, most small bags are at least .30+ mm. The elastic attachment piece is a nice idea, but I think also a riveted eyelet in one corner would be good, but possibly the material is too lightweight for that. The printing is just simple silkscreen, would have been nice to see something rubbery or with some depth. Item is made in Philippines.
July 27, 2017
The description says product dimensions are 8 x 6 x 6, but actual size is 4" x 3" and the material is pretty thin, so the word "durability" won't apply either. If you just want your wheel lock key to be in a marked pouch, this may do the trick. But it's so flimsy that it's almost useless, in my opinion. I would have gladly paid the $10 for a good one, but this is more like a <$5 add-on item.
Steven John
August 16, 2017
Stores the wheel lock. Just remember where you put this. If you lose it then you can't take your wheels off...duh.

As others have said over and over...remember where you put this:)

Austin, Texas
Progreso, YUCATAN, Mexico

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