Lokar 1110117 1-5/8' Black Anodized Dial-In Board Cage Mount

$ 126 69

Product Description

  • 6061 T-6 aluminum
  • No interference with roll-bar padding
  • No welding or drilling required
  • Adjustable arm for leveling
  • Reversible dial-in board

1-5/8 inch Black Anodized Dial-In Board Cage Mount and Brackets are manufactured with 6061-T6 aluminum featuring a ball-milled design. Mounts onto the cage without interfering with roll-bar padding. There is no drilling required for mounting to the cage. The bracket is available for 1 1/2 inch cages and 1 5/8 inch cages. It is offered in polished, black or clear finishes. It features an adjustable arm for leveling and a quickly reversible dial-in board. It is also available in a universal adjustable angle mount style which can be mounted on a flat or angled surface such as a scoop tray.

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