LattoGe Body Brush Face Cleansing Pad Shower Washing Sponge Scrubber Bathing Cleaner SPA for Feet Back Massage Exfoliation (1st generation, Blue)

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:1st generation



Size:1st generation  |  Color:1-Blue

★Enjoy your shower time with our silicone body scrubber!★
Scientific research shows that,kitchens and bathrooms have a high potential to function as “microbial incubators”, due to the continuous inoculation of new microbial cells. Bacteria can be growing in sponges and other traditional brush very easy and fast. This silicone material body brush design for replace tradictional sponge/brush.
If you care about your health, you want one of these brushes for your bathroom, your kitchen, your laundry room – basically anywhere you need to scrub anything. It is time to kick germs and bacteria to the curb, and the only way to do that is to get rid of the sponges and towels that we have become so dependent on.
✔Food Grade Silicone material, BPA free, the brush is soft and durable. The silicone material is acid resistance and can be used with soda water, essential oils.
✔The wash brush will give you comfortable massage feeling when you use it to scrub your body -- perfect to relax muscles, relieve stress, promote blood circulation as well as increase the elasticity of your skin. The wash brush will be essential part of your bathroom.
✔Fit for: Skin-friendly soft silicone brush is suitable for all kinds of people especially for whom with sensitive skin.
✔Two different diameter types of bristles: 1.75mm and 1.06mm diameter of two different diameters are to ensure reasonable pressure to your lymph and meridians; The area of wash brush surface is approx. 200c㎡ – Saving you time and energy when cleaning your body.
✔Glove design: On the back of this wash brush there are four holes to place your fingers. There are multiple ways to hold and use the wash brush, depending on the size of your hand.
✔Hang Rope Design: Product human design, just hang up for quickly dry, reduce bacterial growth of brush.

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September 20, 2017
It's such a simple and cool thing!
Perfect for the whole body, feet (a must after the whole day of sandals in the city) and makeup brushes! Nicely made, hopefully will last long. Blue is more of aqua/turquoise - great color, my favorite!
Doesn't hurt the skin, rather gentle, however you feel the effect - i.e. you become cleaner:)
Annie Speaks
December 28, 2017
Started using these over the scruncy thing that needs to be replaced every 30 days. Hard to build up a lather compared to the scruncy (trick is to load a ton on the side you scrub with and build a lather before using).

Great for exfoliating. Had rough skin on the back of my arms - they are much smoother now. Same with the back of my ankle. Removed that dead skin up near the toes too. People don't spend enough time on cleaning their feet when showering (you can see this when they get pedicures) - this helps keep my feet clean and smooth.
June 15, 2017
I would rate this higher if it came in more sizes. I am petite and have trouble holding this in my hands. It is quite wide and slips around. I really like the way it feels and cleans but because it doesn't fit snugly and slips around, it is troublesome to use. Please make this in a smaller size for smaller hands.
Michael L.
June 15, 2018
I have only been using this device for a few days but I absolutely love it. Being almost 30 and having dealt with acne for half of my life, I will tell you that this device when combined with your normal facial cleaning regiment is very, very effective. All those years I simply used my hands to wash my face ... I wish I had thought to use something like this years ago but we live and learn. I can already tell that my face appears more radiant. This scrubber does a great job at buffering your skin, removing dead skin cells and getting you cleaner than you would be if you just used your hands. I wanted to write this review from the perspective of someone looking to get more out of their normal hygiene regiment. Please note that I have tried similar things in the past, only smaller, and would not recommend them even if they are specifically designed for exfoliation. The bristles on this
Amazon Customer
September 26, 2017
I have used as a body sponge. Put the soap (or foam) on the bristles, fold it together to massage into bristles. The back has straps (almost looks like a sandal) that can easily fit your hand. I have to reapply the soap about 3 times per shower. This leads to increased soap usage. I've switches to a device that creates a foam as it is applied (Dove foaming). I feel clean and I works well on my feet and toes, easily getting between and into the crevices of the nails. I bought two at the same time, and have experimented with it in the kitchen. I soak most of my baked on or stuck on issues. These will not scrape off those items, unsoaked. I'm still up in the air on it's usefulness in the kitchen; however, a recent research article indicates that cleaning a sponge in the dishwasher or even treating in the dishwasher, promotes the growth of resistant organisms. I know it seems unlikely, but that is what the evidence indicates.
April 17, 2017
This is a good sized body brush. It fits on my hand easily and can be used with body wash to create a good lather. It's easy to rinse and very handy. It has a small loop at the top for ease with hanging in your shower or bathtub. I would highly recommend this item. It's cute, functional and reasonably priced.
March 22, 2018
It certainly does the job of cleaning you up, it's just awkward. Awkward to get the soap on, to get on your hand, to get in between your toes and other body crevasses. I think the silicone is TOO good, a bit too thick to make this as maneuverable as I would like. The idea of the hand grip is good, I just don't like how it feels.
March 19, 2018
These work great, especially for travel because I don't have to worry about trying to dry a shower pouffie before I pack it, and these will probably last longer. They're a bit bigger than I expected and I wish they made them slightly smaller (it's ~8

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