Landworks 6 Earth Auger 6 x30 Steel Earth Auger Planting Bulbs, Seedlings Ltd.

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$ 34 99

Color:Earth Auger Drill Bit


Product Description

  • Length 30“,Size optional 4",6" 8"
  • carbon steel rod for durability and alloy steel blades for maximum digging performance
  • Use for planting bedding plants, bulbs, seedlings or fertilizing shrubs and trees to deep water aeration and even weed and root removal
  • Compliant with LAB01 Power head.

Customer reviews(8)

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Cliff L
April 9, 2018
September 12, 2018
Overall a very satisfactory augur that meets my needs. I bought this with an 8
Richard F.
March 16, 2018
I just did 3 holes 10
August 2, 2018
I had to dig lots of holes for the fence posts and this machine just saved me a ton of time and just made the job super easy. I am so happy with this machine, it was a total surprise. I never write reviews but this deserves all my gratitude so I just had to do it. By the way the company is amazing also, it was a pleasure dealing with them , I wish they were all like this. You just canu2019t go wrong with this .
August 15, 2018
This auger seemed to work fine at first. However, it keeps getting locked in the on position when the operating lock button gets released before the trigger. The first time it happened, I tried to stop the auger after it hit a root and the auger head kept turning. I thought I broke my wrist due to it jerking my hand around when I was expecting it to stop. This happened on the first hole I dug. The next day, I tried it again and it took about 10 tries to get the auger to even start (and this was after completely recharging the battery again). I'm not sure if I received a defective one? It did seem to work great in clean dirt with no roots or rocks. However, I'd say it's overall a little dangerous to use.
March 27, 2018
I purchased this power head not knowing much about it hurried out to the ice punched about 20 holes with a 7
September 5, 2018
Was amazed at the power this unit has. Used it do drill 8
James bakhash
September 8, 2018

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