Kamas 8pcs 120g Cerium Oxide Glass Polishing Powder Kit for Deep Scratch Remover

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8pcs 120g Cerium Oxide Glass Polishing Powder Kit For Deep Scratch Remover
Material:plastic, metal, wool
Cerium Oxide Powder Capacity: 120g
Felt Polishing Wheel Pad Plate Diameter:'' (75mm)
Felt Polishing Wheel Diameter: 2 cm/ cm
Drill Adapter Diameter:8mm (0.0.1'')
Wool Polishing Pad Diameter:'' (75mm)
Pad Max RPM: 12000
1.Cerium Oxide is the best polishing powder to glass scratch because the chemical and physical reaction.
2.Easy to use,just mix powder with water and apply to the glass surface with the polishing felt to restore lightly scratched windows, mirrors, tabletops, windshields,glass tables, shower screens, windscreens, fish tanks, even car headlights to like-new condition.
Suggested Instructions for Use of Cerium Oxide:
(1)Supplies Needed:
1.Cerium Oxide
2.Water (Some recommend distilled water)
.Polishing Wheel
4.Electric Drill
5.Small Plastic Tubs (Pint or quart size)
6.Spray Bottle
1.Clean the area you're going to work on thoroughly. Be sure there is no dirt or grime on the glass, as this may result in additional scratches once you start buffing.
2.Have two small plastic tubs ready; quart or pint sized containers work well. Fill one halfway with water.
.Place your polishing wheel into the water; let it become thoroughly damp, but not dripping wet.
4.Put some of Cerium Oxide into the empty tub, and add enough water to create a slurry (a thin, paste-like mixture).
5.Attach the dampened polishing wheel to your electric drill and dip it into the slurry.
6.Place the polishing wheel on your work area, use small size felt wheel if scrach is near corner of windows ; keep the wheel moving in an up and down and circular motion. Be sure that the slurry does not dry up, as this could cause your glass to overheat and crack. If your slurry is becomin

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