Kamas 2 Inch 50mm M6 Self-Adhesive Wool Polishing Disc with 50pcs 60 to 180 Grit Sand Paper

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2 Inch 50mm M6 Self-adhesive Wool Polishing Disc with 50pcs 60 to 80 Grit Sandpapers
Diameter | 50mm
Shank Diameter | 3.0mm
Sandpaper Mesh | P60/P80/P20/P50/P80
Maximum Speed: | 2000RPM
Off rod bent rod is not a quality problem, top-heavy, resulting in too fast, it is recommended to use slow.
This product polished surface dry sandpaper and other raw materials, the back is flannel, stick in the corresponding specifications
stick pan, power tools or pneumatic tools efficient grinding putty, walls, wood products, plastics, metal and other materials.
Efficient and easy accessibility, easy sanding.
Package includes:
x Polishing Pad
0 x P60 Sandpapers
0 x P80 Sandpapers
0 x P20 Sandpapers
0 x P50 Sandpapers
0 x P80 Sandpapers

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