Jackshaft Kit for Mini-Bike or Go-Kart BMI Karts

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This is an all-u-need kit to install a jackshaft on minibikes that use a clutch instead of a torque converter. The addition of a jackshaft allows a variation of gear ratio, and will also allow you to locate the rear axle sprocket anywhere you want it, instead of being restricted by the engine clutch location. Can be used as a gear reduction, overdrive, or : ratio. It also can be used on go-karts to allow you to mount the rear sprocket on the opposite side as the engine sprocket. Includes: 0T #4 Sprocket 4T #4 Sprocket (2) /4" ID High Speed Bearings () /6" x /6" x 2" Keystock (2) Bearing Frame Mounts () /4" x 4" Keyed Shaft (2) Steel Lock Collars.

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Stanley Kompelien
August 28, 2017
Good product , good quality, fast elivery

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