IWATANI CORPORATION OF AMERICA EPR Cassette Feu-EcoPremium Portable Butane Stove Cooktop, Black Iwatani Group EPR-A

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Product Description

  • INNER FLAME BURNER HEAD - Enables 10,000 BTU/hr. stove perform like a 12,000 BTU/hr. stove.
  • LARGER POT/PAN COMPATIBLE - Off-Set Buner Head feature makes it possible to use up to 11.5" dia. cooking utensils.
  • NON-STICK COATED DRIP PAN - For easy cleanup of messy spills and helps to keep the Eco Premium looking like new.
  • HEAT PANEL SYSTEM - Maintains constant pressure as fuel is being consumed, providing the maximum and consistent output for the life of entire fuel canister, leaving no residual fuel.
  • Made in JAPAN

Iwatani has incorporated a stylish design with Iwatani’s known performance and safety. The Eco-Premium uses Inner Burner Head technology to concentrate the heat/flame to the center of the pan. This enables less heat waste and allows the EPR-A to perform like a 12,000 Btu/hr. burner while using the butane quantity of a 10,000 Btu/hr. stove. Iwatani has also designed the EPR-A so that the burner head and pan supports are farther away from the fuel compartment for added safety enables to use up to 11.5” dia. pot/pan. Equipped with Magnetic Locking System and the Iwatani designed HEAT PANEL SYSTEM, the Eco-Premium does it all. Approved by CSA for outdoor and indoor use in commercial restaurants. Made in JAPAN.

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