in-tool-home AUTOTOOLHOME 60mm Rotary Cutter Refill Replacement Blades Include Plastic Blade Storage Pack of 5 Patchwork Sewing Tool JYC International Trade Co. Ltd. ZH0025

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Product Description

  • Fits all 60mm rotary cutters.:AUTOTOOLHOME rotary cutter blades are designed to fit all 60mm rotary cutters.If they don’t fit yours, return them for a full refund
  • Perfect Blades for quilting,sewing,art and crafts:Rotary cutter blades can be used to cut fabric, fleece, felt, vinyl, leather, cardboard, wallpaper, and more
  • Durable- Tungsten alloy adds strength and wear-resistance, while lubricants keep them in mint condition until you’re ready to use them
  • Hight-Quality&Sharp: Made from premium Japanese Steel (SKS-7) that last longer, the blades go through 4 individual sharpening stages that stay sharper. Cleanly slices through 10 layers of fabric at once.
  • Package includes 5pc blades and 1pc storage case

AUTOTOOLHOME 45mm Rotary Cutter Blades

♦ They're made of premium SKS-7,which hardness and toughness is better than the traditional steel. 

♦They 're extremely sharp, and give you a longer lasting sharpening edge. Easily to cuts 4 layers of fabric. 

♦ They're honed and mirror-polished to an ultra-fine edge. No worry about getting rusty as long as dril some oil on the blades. 

♦There is Scale on luditek rotary cutter blades. You can use it to cut out any curvature of the shape you want. 

Will this Blades fit my Rotary Cutter? 

♦They fit all major cutter brands,including Fiskars,Olfa,Martelli,Truecut and so on. 

♦They fit all 60mm rotary cutters no matter what the shape of your original blades, as long as the shape of the hole in the middle of the blade is the same. 

Use tips 

♦ The edge of the blade is very Sharp, Please be careful when using it. 

♦ Please put away the rotary cutter blade when you do not use it. 

Storage tips 

♦ Keep away from children. Do not put the place where children can reach it. 

♦ It is better to use the rotary cutter on the cutting mat, it will perform better.

♦ Please drip some oil on the blade for maintenance, which can extend the product using life. 

♦ The blade are consumables product, the life expectancy of the blade will be different due to different using habits and different cutting ways. 

Customer reviews(8)

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March 25, 2018
Item as described. Sharp and work great. I use them to cut fabric.
August 25, 2018
They r very nice. I will order again.
Miss Troy
June 14, 2018
Good Product.
beckee carrier
August 4, 2018
Very sharp. Good quality. Fits my fiskars rotary cutter.
Barbara MoRGAN
August 22, 2016
These are on reserve as I am doing a lot of cutting presently. Making rag rugs. Price was good.
Ruth Bu8tcher
May 22, 2016
Very sharp blades at a good price
May 3, 2017
Love these replacement rotary blades. Great quality!!!
July 17, 2018
These are great replacement blades for my Fiskars rotary cutter. The price is great and the quality is the best!

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