INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt Salon Performance Hair Dryer/Styler, Full Size with AC Motor, Pink Ombre 294NP

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Color:Soft Touch Red

Get ready to rev up your styling power and turn heads with this salon quality Conair hair dryer. The INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt Salon Performance Hair Dryer/Styler with AC motor provides fast, effective drying for all hair thicknesses and lengths. With this full size ombre sexy hair dryer, you get up to 50% faster drying time and up to 3x longer life.* Long preferred by hairstyling professionals, AC motor hair dryers are more durable, faster drying, and longer lasting than hair dryer models with standard DC motors. For customizable style, this hair blow dryer features 3 heat settings along with 2 speed settings, low and high speed. With an easy flick of the rocker switches, use any combination of these settings to match your hair texture and length or to match your desired styling goal. Then you can finish off your hair with a blast of cold air from the cold shot button to lock in your desired style. This hair dryer comes in a beautiful two-tone pink ombre finish, making this a beauty accessory for any bathroom. Plus it includes a hair dryer concentrator/hair dryer nozzle attachment for sleek, sexy pinpoint styling. A removable filter makes for easy cleaning and the hang ring provides easy styling access and storage. The INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt Salon Performance Hair Dryer/Styler, brings your hair to the finish line with style and shine. *When compared to other Conair DC motor hair dryer models

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Amazon Customer
March 9, 2017
Works great - BUT the finish started melting off after less than 2 months - outside of Amazon's return policy, but Conair has agreed to replace it after I pay to ship it to them and send them $ to send me a new one. This after spending over 3 1/2 hours on hold - the first call I got through after over an hour on hold only to be told that I would have to call back with both the model and serial number of the unit. The second call I had to drop after being on hold for 45 minutes. The third call also resulted in a hold time over an hour before talking to a rep who told me I had the wrong serial # and would have to call back AGAIN! When I nearly exploded she agreed to take all of my information and enter my return in the computer without the serial #.
In short - nice hair dryer (if the finish stays on and doesn't melt) but their customer service is HORRIBLE!!!!!
Michael Sean Krueger
November 2, 2017
This dryer is amazing!! I have very long, fine hair and me old dryer was taking up to 10 minutes to dry my hair. This thing got the job done in about 4! Iu2019m very impressed at how fast my hair dried. My old dryer left my hair feeling dry and frizzy but after this dryer, my hair is very soft and smooth. I read some reviews complaining about this dryer tangling their hair because of the power but I had no problems. The power from this dryer is awesome!! It blows my other dryer away (hah!...) The free argon oil is also pretty great! Itu2019s also very tiny (.25 ounces). That probably helped with the smoothness and frizz. After reading some reviews I afraid of it being too heavy but it feels like a normal hair dryer to me. The longer shaft makes it easy to use a round brush and the concentrater is the perfect size! I also love that the concentrator is straight across and not curved. This dryer came with a cute little pouch that I wasnu2019t expecting. So far, Iu2019m very excited about this dryer! I highly recommend! Oh, and the color is super cute. :)
Peg C.
October 31, 2017
I bought this from Amazon in January 2017 and it was an excellent hairdryer - dried my fine, slightly curly/mildly frizzy hair straight in no time. Loud and the buttons are inconveniently right under your fingers as you use it, making it easy to accidentally change settings, but overall a great dryer. BUT, with no warning at all it just plain stopped heating almost exactly 9 months later. I've replaced it with a Remington for half the price of what the above originally went for. I've had hairdryers last 6+ years. Extremely disappointed in Conair and Chinese products in general.
Jef Jaeger
February 21, 2017
I like this hair dryer. Very strong and a variety of settings. The one drawback I have noticed, is that the two buttons on the front of the handle, especially the lower one for on/off/high/low is easily switched by accident while you are using it. My old hair dryer with a similar layout had the buttons as sliders that didn't easily get knocked out of the set position. Other than that, it is a great hair dryer. It has the removable grill on the air intake which I always look for. The ability to be able to clean it and under it will make the hair dryer last much longer as overheating will kill these fast.
Amazon Customer
November 28, 2017
My favorite blow dryer ever however this one came all smashed in box and I canu2019t return it. Even the plug was shattered.
May 15, 2016
This hair dryer is so powerful that even on low it blows my hair right off my brush. Maybe if you have thicker hair it would be ok, but my hair is fine & I just can't use it. Disappointing because it's a really nice hair dryer.
Suzy K.
February 25, 2018
This think works really well. It drys my hair really fast on high without using too much heat. On medium it works really well for styling. My hair always feels softer and more full when I use it. I know that sounds a bit crazy but itu2019s true. I had bought one for my daughter and tried it. She got tired of me using it so Iu2019ll got one for myself. Love it!
January 18, 2016
Lasted me for a long time, very strong blower strength, and doesn't frizz out your hair! I'd recommend Babybliss products if you're looking for more shine, but this gave great volume to my fine hair.

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