GlitZGlam Galaxy ICE Light Sword – Deluxe Blue Light-up Saber Sword with an Authentic Power up and Down Humming Sound, Added Durability and Gift Ready Packaging. Blue Light Saber

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  • Protect the galaxy with Galaxy ICE - a mighty light-up saber sword (LED) that lights up in bright blue accompanied with authentic sounds and feel. Includes 3 AA batteries (installed in the sword) and a beautiful gift ready packaging
  • Includes one (1) Galaxy ICE sword. LED light up saber sword blade that shines in bright blue when turns on. Each power up and down is accompanied with an authentic humming sound.
  • Perfect for Star Wars costumes, Halloween costumes, birthday parties and everyday fun! Demonstration video available on the web
  • Solid high-quality rubber handle for a distinctive look and feel. The toy sword is 27.5 inches long (without the box) weighing 7 OZ (200 grams) LED toy – CPSIA & ASTM certified.
  • This is a novelty item and a fun pretend play. The sword is built with added durability but may not perform as intended if it is subject to major impacts.

Protect and save the galaxy with this amazing saber sword that lights up in bright blue and answers to the name: Galaxy ICE. The enhanced durability blade is semi translucent blue and the handle is made from a high quality rubber that feels authentic, fun and easy to grip. LED toy sword features motion activated sound and light. Fight the evil with sharp blue lasers like light accompanied with an authentic humming sound for power up, down and touch. Sound is NOT annoying and is actually pleasant and a lot of fun! Ideal for the perfect gift, Star Wars costumes, Halloween costumes, birthday parties and everyday fun. Pretend play to fight Darth Vader or any Jedi as this sword will leave your friends in awe! Used for: pretend play, star wars costume accessory, warrior costume accessory, Halloween, birthday parties, birthday present, boys, girls, costumes, Christmas, halloween. birthday parties or for every day fun To activate your Galaxy Light Sword press the button at the top of the handle and watch the sword come to life with light and sound. To turn off – simply press the button again. Motion activated sounds work while the LEDs lights are on. This is a novelty item and a fun pretend play. Though it is crafted with added durability - the sword may not perform as intended if it is subject to major impact. Includes one (1) Galaxy ICE sword packed in a sturdy storage box / gift ready packaging. Please keep the box to protect and guard the light sword after each use so it can serve you for a long time. Also available in Red - Galaxy FIRE

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November 11, 2016
Originally bought this for a costume, but a couple of friends and I enjoyed diving around using this as a melee weapon in a nerf battle. It lights up really well and feels decently sturdy. I like how the handle feels and how it is designed.

My only complaint is that the idle sound system has movement sounds on repeat that make it seem a little weird when it's not moving, but for 25$ I wasn't expecting a top grade sound board. The sword does make contact sounds a lot better than I have seen with similar products so I was pleasantly surprised.

For parents: This seems pretty sturdy, but I haven't been smacking the walls full force. Back when I was a kid my brother and I played very rough, I don't know if this would be able to withstand that sort of abuse. However, if you want a lightsaber that you can duel with without fear of breaking it, you can expect to pay a lot more money for it.

Tldr: I would easily buy again.
June 7, 2018
First of all, the botton to turn on is to easy to turn right back off again. It's a sensitive push button. Secondly, my son was using it for a mascot competition and it broke in half during the skit sending half into the audience! He never used it to hit anything, just waved it around. Waste of money.
December 26, 2017
My son has several u201clight sabersu201d, but he helped pick this one out online for Christmas. He loves it! He says that he likes that it makes sounds even when heu2019s just walking with it. Also, itu2019s really blue, and is very vibrant in the dark... Both of these characteristics make it his favorite. ;o)
Brent Morente
February 7, 2017
This sword is great! My daughter used it for a Princess Leia costume. My daughter opted for a lightsaber instead of a blaster. The sound effects sound authentic, it's very bright, and seems well-constructed. A great buy at this price!
February 16, 2017
Nephew loves it. I like that its one that doesn't fling out and retract back in. It makes pretty awesome noises. Now If I could just get him to stop trying to fight the dog.....
Dorothy Coakley
December 24, 2017
Gave it to my 6 year old grandson who loved it- easily his favorite Christmas present. It has held up to the strenuous activities of an active child!
Marsha Swails
December 22, 2016
I gave this to my grandson and it stopped working in about an hour. Was shipped with the wrong size batteries. Don't know if that is what made it break. Tried new batteries and still would not work.
December 26, 2016
When last seen, the 3 year old Jedi warrior that received the sword as a Christmas gift, was bravely doing battle with the dark side....great toy for kids as long as they are careful with what they strike.

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