Febi Vacuum Check Valve W0133-1638684-FEB

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  • Vacuum Power Check Valve

Febi- Vacuum Check Valve - way : Yellow/Grey On 4 chassis models used as heater control checkvalve.; 9-98 Mercedes-Benz 0; 9-98 Mercedes-Benz 40D; 98-98 Mercedes-Benz 80CE; 9-98 Mercedes-Benz 80E; 98-985 Mercedes-Be

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Aztec Dude
May 24, 2017
I ordered this check valve for my 82 Mercedes Turbo Diesel, My car was having issues staying on after I kill the ignition key, I did some research and the solution was to replace the Vacuum valve, This Check valve did the trick and the materials are high quality, I recommend this product to any Mercedes owners.

F. Pate
October 19, 2016
We have been having problems turning off our '83' Mercedes. Everything runs off a vacuum, literally, even the brakes. Our garage told us the part we needed and luckily, I found it here. Rick replaced the part and now EVERYTHING is working like it should. YEA.
July 16, 2015
Alfonso Aguilera
March 10, 2016
Works fine

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