Directly Cheap 4 String Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar, Sunburst + Lessons (000-BT-GAB47-TS)

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  • Includes code and instructions for two months of Free Live Lessons
  • Solid Wing Grover Style Tuners, Adjustable Truss Rod, 7545 Active EQ System
  • Delron Resin Nut, Rosewood Fingerboard, 34 inch scale
  • 25 Fret Positions with MOP Dot Inlay, Nickel Alloy Jumbo Fret
  • Laminated Linden Top, Sapelle Back and Sides, ABS Body Bindings, Rosewood Bridge, Delron Resin Saddle, Pickup under the Saddle, Independent Volume, Tone and Pres Controls

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March 7, 2015
I was just looking for a decent nothing fancy bass. I have never heard of this company, and was unsure if it would even be worth my money. Let's start with the bad, few spots on the paint. Barely noticeable. Nothing major and nothing worth even complaining about. Now to the good, Shipping- I order this on a Saturday, on the follow Tuesday we were hit with a snow storm and got 20+ inches of snow and ice, so shipping was delayed nothing bad, was here a week after the order was placed even with the snow. It comes with a gig bag, nothing fancy but I was still quite happy about that, a truss bar adjuster, a cable for the bass, a strap, and two additional bass strings. The action on mine was were I like it and took it out of the box and tuned it and have played on it all day to decide how I like it. So now to the most important part, sound and the way it feels to play. It has a nice loud sound to it and would be good for a campfire or just to jam out with some friends, for being a cheaper bass it feels really nice to play. I've played my fair share or $1000 basses and even $100 basses and I enjoy this bass a lot and will further recommend this bass to friends.
December 21, 2013
update after a few years: modified it to a fretless and widened the bridge holes to accept flatwound strings... and it is a way better bass. buy it on sale and you will not regret it. acoustic basses are not worth paying over 100 for unless you are going to go for the 300 and up range. most of the 100-200 dollar basses are made over seas with garbage wood anyway. buy the cheapest deal and customize, and you'll be way happier

I received the package containing the bass and was prepared to open it up and see a mediocre bass. What I saw was a bass that looks better in person than it did online. The strings were a little on the cheap side, so I replaced this with phosphor bronze acoustic bass guitar strings and it livened up the sound to an incredible level. I didn't expect much from the pickup that is in this guitar, but it is decent.
Gilbert Tafoya
October 17, 2013
When I ordered the bass it wasn't available at the time. They sent one to me as soon as more got in. I am impressed. The strings were loose when I first received it and that's OK. No damage done, the guitar was in excellent shape. I tuned up the bass and it sounds great. It holds the tuning. I plugged it into my bass amp and WOW!!! It sounds better than my DEAN EAB Acoustic/Electric Bass. This bass is a gift to one of my granddaughters. I need to order one for me.
Richie Moore
May 31, 2017
Fine except for pickup/equalizers. The E string cannot be adjusted in any way to produce the same volume level as the other 3 strings. I've tried everything on the instrument and my bass amp. Have several other basses and this is not a problem on the same bass amp. I recommend staying away from this seller, Donn K, as he has refused to do anything to assist with the problem, and referred it to Amazon as the fulfillment entity and has wiped his hands of any responsibility of selling defective garbage.
Somewhat Informed Consumer
August 6, 2012
I have been looking for a
Jonathan hartley
November 30, 2016
Great sound and a great price. I have had this for 6 months now and used it on several camp outs. the case it comes with is nothing special but better than nothing. Electric works good too but I don't use it much. IF your looking for a cheap camp fire bass guitar then I would highly recommend this one.
Brunswick Amplifier
January 22, 2018
Bought this for a bass to pick up and play without an amp and to jam with my friend acoustically. Was OK out of the box, but I did do a setup on it. Needed a truss rod adjustment and I replaced the strings immediately. Other than that it was fine. It stays in tune and is plenty loud enough to play with an acoustic guitar in a small room. For the price, not a bad deal. You can't expect a perfect instrument at this price but it is more than adequate. A great bass for a beginner. Easy to play
February 10, 2018

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