Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit - Pink Color (Includes Amp & CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner) EB46-PK-KIT

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Product Description

  • Electric Bass Guitar
  • 46" Full Size Electric Bass Guitar
  • Pickups: Split P-B P/U
  • Regulator: Volume - Tone
  • Set Includes: Starter Amp, Amp Cable, Gig Bag, Extra Strings, Pick, Should Strap, CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner

Customer reviews(8)

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July 2, 2017
This bass is working out well for my 14 year old. It sounds fine, looks cool and she loves it. You may want to purchase your own bag because the amount one it comes from is super cheap. The best part if this purchase was the seller. They were incredibly responsive, easy to get in touch with and seemed genuinely interested in satisfying the customer. There were shipping issues that was not their fault, but they wanted to make sure they communicated with us and made sure we were happy. A real pleasure of an online purchase.
Michael Wayne Hinson
March 6, 2018
Okay so take the bad with the good on this one. The amp was small but I was impressed with the sound and build of it and honestly the best price for quality you will find for a beginner. The bass itself came separate and took over a month to get to me with various emails going and coming from the seller. Overall they have been very pleasant to work with. Once the bass came in, it was in very nice, working shape. I will say ditch the strap asap because it isn't worth a dime. So I would definitely recommend this buy for beginners and mid-level players . Aside from time in limbo I was thrilled with the quality of both bass and amp for the price.
Ivan Monge
March 10, 2017
So the only issue I had with it was fret buzz, but took it to the music store and they fixed it for $10. For what you pay it's a very good deal. The speaker is actually pretty loud and my case came with a pocket. I would highly recommend if you just want to test the waters
June 26, 2018
Do not buy
tolson grant
November 21, 2016
Alright so like i said it finally came in. And i got what i ordered. I had to choose a different color cause something happened with the shipping and the color i wanted got damaged and i had to choose sunburst. Im ok with that now that i see the product. Over all this is an amazing set. The amp actually was above the standards i expected. Its lound and it has some power. But again its a practice amp. I feel it would do enough for a garage band cause it really pushes out sound. Now the bass... It wasnt the color i wanted but its sold. It holds up to the squier kit you can buy for twice the money. I had to do very little tweeking. The nut is holding the bridge is strong and the neck is straight. Pickups work like a champ too but could be better grounded. It does have a slight buzz. But the neck is awesome. Instantly was able to tune this thing up and jam. Im glaf of this purchase just be prepared to maybe pic whatever they have in stock and understand that you might need to adjust the beck and bridge a bit. Besides all that this is a solid product. Been playing bass for 15 yrs and this bass alone can stand its ground and might fail but packs a way better punch then any other learner kit. Again ive been playing bass for yrs and this might even be the best bass i bought for price. Its no gibson or warwick but its pretty close. I sugest you buy this product just be prepared to wait for it. Shipping is slow but in a way worth it. Buy this item for your kid or a side bass. It will do the job
May 1, 2014
Loved it and especially for the price. Would definitely order from them again. It was a solid instrument and everything came with it and had no problems. Good starter
Gerardo Preciado
August 12, 2018
I only got the amp and not the bass or anything else. Playing the amp is soo fun omg
May 19, 2018
Terrible company/ product

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