Conair HGL1 Combination Hot Gel/Lather Machine, Black

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Hot lather not only gives you one of the smoothest, most comfortable shaves you've ever had, but one of the best. Hot lather softens whiskers so that there's less irritation during close shaves, less tugging and pulling. Just a smooth, close comfortable shave! Unique hot lotion dispenser provides soothing comfort for chapped, dry skin. Heated lotion penetrates gently and deeply. Instantly heats your favorite shaving gel so your skin feels silky and smooth. Now, you can feel pampered and comforted. A light blinks while lotion heats and goes steady when it is heated to your desired comfort level. Experience the luxury of a barber shave at home!

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October 10, 2012
I bought one of these on the clearance rack at a certain big-box retailer a few years ago, and it was returned used with a few of the accessories missing (the cap remover and the hot lather dispense nozzle). At that time, these retailed for about $40 a piece, and at the clearance price it was a steal. So I cleaned it up, and have been using it for the last few years. The gel was somewhat luke-warm out of the machine, and it was somewhat of a pain to get the can into the dispenser, but when it was setup correctly, it provided me with one of the smoothest shaves I've ever had. For someone with sensitive skin, this was a vast improvement over gel right out of the can.

I recently decided I wanted to use the hot-lather option, so I purchased this same product again though Amazon. The price was comparable to the price of the clearance product I originally purchased, but the ease of setup was much easier; the can of lather snapped right into place. I'm going to chalk up the flaws of setup the previous product had to possibly being part of the reason it was returned. It took a few moments longer to warm up the lather than did the gel (which I was expecting), but I wasn't expecting it to have to warm up for a few seconds after every dispense, but maybe that's just my impatient nature. I could easily cover half of my face in one dispensing, my entire face if I really worked the lather. Again, a smooth shave, and at a much cheaper cost than a can of shave gel.

All in all, I would recommend this product to anyone. For the price, you simply cannot beat it.
November 3, 2014
I was skeptical at first but this really does work. It does not get the 5th star because it does not come out steaming hot. There is probably some legality at the temperature it can be. I really like the way the shaving cream feels when it is warm though so this purchase was a plus.

The directions took me a few minutes to figure out but once I was able to get it up and running it was pretty easy. The one thing that you can imagine is that shaving is a very sloppy process, so add in this machine and it makes it more sloppier.

This machine will warm up your shaving cream and make for a better shave. You will have to deal with cleaning up the mess the machine makes by getting it all over the handle but that is a small price to pay for heated shaving cream.
J. Farley
September 9, 2012
I've been using my hot gel/lather machine for about a week now and I'm pretty happy with it. I will have to update this review at a later date once I've tried the machine with gel (I've only used lather), but it seems to work fairly well. Is the lather going to burn your skin coming out? Definitely not. But it's not cold either. It works and is decently heated. I also think the lather comes out less messy than previous (and more expensive) machines I've owned. It has automatic turnoff if you forget to hit the off button. It is a little tricky attaching the bottle to the cap of the machine, but once you correctly get it on, it works well.

There is one drawback- you can't shake the can of shaving cream easily while it is in the machine. Thus, your lather comes out someone wet, rather than creamy. I'm thinking I'll have better luck with that once I switch to shaving gel.

UPDATE (12/06/12): I've now tried the machine with shaving gel and it doesn't work very well. I've noticed two big problems: it doesn't warm the shaving gel very well and it doesn't continue to dispense the gel until the shaving gel can is empty. It didn't notice either of these problems when I used the machine with shaving cream, as the cream is dispensed at a decent temperature and the entire can can be used in the warmer.

I'm still happy with the purchase, but will probably only use it with shaving cream from this point further (which I prefer anyway). However, I wouldn't pay more than $50 for this product.
Andre LePlume
October 27, 2013
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February 12, 2010
I bought this great device because I shower at night after my workouts, but shave in the morning. Shaving with cold water is not very fun, but the way our house is built it takes a while for hot water to get to the bathroom. I hated wasting a few minutes and several gallons of water every morning just to shave.

I was amazed what a great shave I got with the lather machine. Even using cold water, I got a fast, comfortable shave. On the mornings I showered first, it was even better. My wife was impressed with how smooth my face was.

I agree with other reviewers that the gel could be warmer, but in our sue-happy society I can understand why that couldn't happen. It was warm enough to do the job well and it felt great.

I was slightly nervous about putting this thing together due to all the comments, but was surprised how easy it actually was. The instructions weren't very clear, and the illustrations were tiny. Apparently most manufacturers haven't figured out the population is getting older, and tiny little pictures just don't cut it anymore.
Gary Roux
August 13, 2018
Works as described. Lather heat adjustment goes higher than gel. Have used both ways and results are great. Great for home use. Was considering the professional units but figured I would try this first. Takes about 2 minutes to heat up. Has auto shut off.

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