Classic Tangoes T100 CA-T100

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Product Description

  • A modern version of a classic chinese puzzle
  • Challenge your creativity and test your skill
  • Includes one red and one blue set of Tangoes
  • Also includes Card Set 1 with 27 double-sided cards of puzzle challenges
  • For one or two people

Product Description

In this game, the ancient art of tangrams gets little fancy footwork. The ancient concept remains: recreate an image using all seven of the shaped playing pieces. But this smart set features 27 cards with 54 images and two sets of playing tiles (one red, one blue), all packed neatly in a sturdy playing case. So you can take them anywhere. Play by yourself with one set of playing pieces, or play against another using both sets. Either way, you’ll be challenging your creative problem solving skills. A great exercise for adults and children alike. No batteries required—works on brain cells! For 1 or 2 players or 2 teams.

From the Manufacturer

Based on the ancient Chinese Tangram puzzle, Tangoes products are a learning tool that combines artistic and mathematical elements to enhance visual perception ability, develop problem solving skills, creative thinking capacity and teamwork. The classic tangram forms a square. These 7 pieces can also form an infinite number of abstract designs, human figures, animals and everyday objects. The object of Tangoes products is to form the image on the card using all seven puzzle pieces. From ages 5 to 105, all ages are delighted by the challenge of forming the puzzle presented with seven dynamic pieces. Classic Tangoes - Packed in our signature, slim plastic case, this challenging game includes two sets of our classic game of Tangoes. This traditional tangram game has 2 sets of seven playing pieces each in blue and red. Also included in the set is card set 1 containing 27 cards with 54 puzzles and solutions. Hours of mind-bending play for one or two people. Each person can play independently or challenge each other to a race to solve the puzzle.

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G. Farnsworth
August 27, 2016
This is quite an interesting game. It really involves the brain...more than a typical game. I played this as a kid and this set is just like I remember it.

Now that I'm an adult I notice that there aren't really that many cards. Not that we remember how to make the old shapes after a few games, but still it would be nice if it came with more cards. I know you can buy them separately, but then they don't store as easily in the little box.
Phoenix Omega
October 23, 2013
I ordered these as a hands-on activity for the kids I tutor. I've used these successfully with a 7th grader, a 6th grader, and a 3rd grader. They are fun and challenging for all ages! My third grade pupil likes to make up stories about the pictures as she works on the puzzles. I like the fact that there are two sets of shapes so that I can work on the puzzle at the same time as my student. The pieces are sturdy and nice to touch. The whole package is slim enough to fit easily in my messenger bag; it's about the same size as a scientific calculator. Working on Tangoes makes a great break from traditional math lessons and teaches the very important skill of being able to break a big geometric shape up into smaller shapes. This skill is crucial for tasks like finding the area of an irregular shape.
J. Newkirk
August 8, 2008
I received Tangoes as a gift over ten years ago. I have since given it as a gift to my children, nieces, nephews, and friends' children. Each Tangoes game has two sets of seven pieces so that one or two can play. You put the pieces together to form the shape shown on the card--there can be more than one way to create a shape. There's a key on the back of each card that shows a solution. Players quickly learn to visualize how the seven pieces can be used to make the different parts of the shape. Tangoes is very portable: the box shown in the picture securely holds the cards and the pieces. Some of the shapes are easy and others can be quite challenging. There are also additional decks of cards that can be purchased and you can even create your own shapes. It's a very entertaining game that everyone can play!
November 16, 2016
These are so fun! My husband, kids, and I have all tried them. We've even had some tangram duels. Kids are age 11 and 13 years old. I wish we had two more sets in different colors so we could all play together. I didn't realize these would be so popular. The pieces are a good size and durable. The only weird thing is that some of the cards require both sets to make the image. I put those at the back of the pile since I don't think we'll be using them much.
Amazon Customer
June 28, 2018
My 7 year old grandson and I had a lot of fun trying to figure out how to put these together. We laughed a lot. It comes nicely packaged and everything fits nice in storage case. The only reason I didn't give it 5 is the shaped pieces are a little thin. They are a hard plastic and easy to handle. I think these brain games are so great for both kids and us grandmas! gets the brain moving...
Extraordinary Online Shopper
June 22, 2017
Saw these at my job when someone brought them in for Recess At Work Day. I could not get enough of this game. It really makes you concentrate to get those little pieces to look like the picture. I love it that you still have games that you can play and not have to pull out the iPad or charge anything to play them.
May 22, 2018
Bought as a gift. Seemed a good thing to have at a lake cabin for rainy days. Looks great from the outside. Iu2019ve had other sets and they wore well. Hope this will do the same
Linda Naumann Schipman
March 17, 2018
Love this tool. I am a special education teacher and I use this tool to help students who struggle with spatial math issues math challenges. It's fun to play and it helps strengthen brains.

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