Christmas Nativity Lighted Stable (10 Inch) Three Kings Gifts GFM027

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:Designed for 10 Nativity Set


Product Description

  • Made of High Quality Polymer Resin Stone and Hand Painted
  • Stable lights up and runs on batteries
  • Batteries included, and comes in nice box for easy storage
  • Perfect Size for 10" Nativity Set
  • Approx. Size: 20W x 12.75H x 5.25D

Size:Designed for 10" Nativity Set

The stable is designed to capture the reality of the humble stable where Jesus was born. The stable depicts stone and stucco walls, weathered log beams and posts and a humble, palm thatched roof. The hay strewn floor and trough imagines the very stable behind the inn on that first Christmas. Included in the stable is a light that shines down on the manger below.

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Kyle D. P. Murphy
January 8, 2016
First let me say that this is a stunning piece. The detail is exquisite and my figures look fantastic in it. However, I gave it 2 stars because essentially the biggest draw about this creche is that it has a light. I have searched for years for one that would work with my great grandmother's nativity set. However when i turned the light on for the first time it didn't last very long. I changed the batteries the next day and it did not resolve the problem. The light stays on for less than 15 minutes. so in my opinion despite its beauty there is no reason to buy something this expensive when its major feature doesn't work.
November 27, 2017
I have been collecting the Willow Tree nativity pieces, but never really liked the cru00e8che for the set. This stable is a nice replacement for that piece. The figures are slightly cramped in the space, but I imagine the same was true at the original birth. I am pleased with the more authentic look. The light only gives a faint glow (see photo) but it is enough to add a faint light to Maryu2019s face. The stable came well packed and in good condition.
Bruce Q.
December 26, 2015
My wife wanted this manger to go with her existing creche. It seems to be well made and sturdy, and unlike for several other reviewers, it arrived in one piece. It does look really nice but it is too shallow to do much with, it is more of a facade in the background, than an actual manger (but they don't hide the fact that is is only 5.25
December 19, 2016
First off, it's a gorgeous stable! No
David Brock
November 22, 2016
We purchased this stable in late September, and just went to put it out for the first time this Christmas. When we unboxed it we I found that there was a large chunk of the stable broken out of the lower right hand side. There were no broken pieces in the box/styrofoam/plastic bag, and there were only a few stray broken pieces inside the stable itself, but not near enough to fill the broken out chunk. So...I would assume that the damage would have to occurred before the item was packed in the box.

We love, love, love our Three Kings nativity collection, but obviously disappointed to find the damage to the stable.

Update 11/28/16: Contacted seller and they promptly shipped a replacement. Looks great and we are completely satisfied!
November 29, 2017
This is quite beautiful. Its made from a heavy bisque type of material. I am so happy with this that I may order one for myself. The light isnt over powering. Just enough to give that beautiful glow at night. Perfect for the Willow Tree nativity set that I purchased it for to give my daughter.
Amazon Customer
December 4, 2017
Itu2019s absolutely beautiful. Very high quality. Perfect for my Nativity figurines which are up to 7u201d tall. I recommend this item to complete your Nativity set.
Trevor Muhlestein
May 9, 2017
We were thinking on sending it back...very expensive backdrop. In the end however we kept it and it makes the set more complete. Be careful matching this with their other sets...there are different sizes

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