Brilliant Baby Toothbrush by Baby Buddy - For Ages 4-24 Months, BPA Free Super-Fine Micro Bristles Clean All-Around Mouth, Kids Love Them, Pink, 3 Count 03570P

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Turn brushing teeth with your child into a positive experience after every meal and at bedtime with Baby Buddy's Brilliant Baby Toothbrush of the Brilliant Oral Care System. The program guides you with innovative oral care products that grow with your child from birth. Starting from the Foundations and through Teething & Budding, the products are designed to take care of budding baby teeth with state of the art, safe and soft products that children love to chew on. During Teeth Eruption & Development, the program progresses to distinctive toothbrushes for ages 4 months to 5 years that easily clean those hard-to-reach places where food and plaque can build up and cause cavities and other oral problems. The Brilliant Toothbrush revolutionizes the industry with its innovative design featuring bristles 360˚ around the toothbrush head that are devised specifically for your child's tender teeth and gums. Over 10,000 short but highly elastic bristles gently massage gums and effectively clean the cheek and gums. And because of its unique design, brushing is always at a 45 degree angle, allowing parents and caretakers to brush teeth, tongue, and gums without needing to twist their wrist. This unique patented design can be used with water only to clean teeth to help remove harmful bacteria and sugar buildup that typically causes tooth decay. Developed in partnership with the Osaka University Infant Dental Clinic, the Brilliant Toothbrush effectively removes almost twice as much plaque as conventional, one-sided toothbrushes, when brushing for 2 minutes. The Brilliant Baby Toothbrush has been sized with a 4-24 month old in mind. Give your child the gift of a lifetime of good oral care habits with the innovative Brilliant Toothbrush. Check out our other Baby Buddy products because Every Baby Needs a Buddy.

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Jen T.
July 21, 2016
My 20 month old hated tooth brushing time. We had been using the rubbery banana brush from when was around 6 months old, progressing the toddler banana version.

Her toothbrush hatred got to the point where she cried so hard I was afraid she'd vomit. She was so upset and tried to kick and twist to get away. I felt awful and dreaded it each night. But I still needed to clean her teeth!

I tried letting her brush my teeth, showing her me brushing, letting her brush, but nothing helped.

I read the reviews on this toothbrush and figured if nothing else, the 360u00b0 brush would make the unpleasantness end faster.

Imagine my utter shock when we used it for the first time and my child ACTUALLY ENJOYED IT?!?!!!?!! Not only did she open up to let me brush, she took the handle and brushed herself, surprisingly deftly I might add.

It's been a week, and tonight she heard me mention bedtime, and she came running over making a toothbrushing motion with her finger in front of her lips! I am still in shock!

I got her toothbrush and she sprinted across the room to get her teeth brushed. She didn't want to stop.

Absolutely astonishing reversal. Very happy with the easy to use design, the bristles seem to clean very well, and the slim handle makes it easy to use in small mouths. I wet the brush and use Tom's of Maine baby and toddler toothpaste on it.

Thanks to whoever came up with this design, from one very pleased toddler and one utterly relieved mama!!!
April 6, 2018
Meh. This toothbrush is decent with a couple pretty large flaws.

u2022The biggest issue I have with this toothbrush is how it collects crazy amounts of dust. So rinse it off, you say? Nope. The dust does not come off. No matter how much I scrub, the dust only works deeper into the bristles and becomes wet globs of dust. These toothbrushes will start looking nasty after a week. A $10 toothbrush should last more than a week.
u2022The bristles are pretty rough. My daughter really fights me on brushing her teeth since I switched to using these.
u2022I don't feel like this cleans teeth as well as other toothbrushes. Because of the round shape, there is less bristle on teeth area when compared to a standard flat toothbrush. It's harder to brush the gums.

u2022My 19-month-old daughter can brush her own teeth and I know she is likely to hit more teeth than a standard toothbrush could do.
u2022Despite my daughter's constant chewing, the bristles show little to no wear.

Overall, I think this toothbrush is very hit or miss. If you're little one likes to brush their own teeth; then give this a try. Otherwise, I'd skip this.
Arno Candel
March 31, 2016
Originally I loved this toothbrush, so much so that I bought a bunch of them as spares. However, I just noticed that the tip of the tooth brush has really sharp plastic edges! I don't know if this is just a defective tooth brush or if other people have experienced the same thing. My toddler just got his first canker sore and I'm pretty sure that it was caused by the sharp plastic jutting out of the top.
Chelsea C
January 23, 2017
My son has never liked brushing his teeth. So I was thrilled when he tolerated this 360 toothbrush; I even recently bought more, happy to make life easier for the both of us. That all changed when my kiddo bit down on it and gagged on a tiny plastic washer that came off. Luckily he spit it out. Needless to say all of these toothbrushes are all in the trash now. If your baby is a biter, I don't recommend.
Amazon Customer
December 9, 2017
So far I love this product, it allows me to clean my sons teeth front and back very well . I saw a few reviewers talk about mold issues? The only way mold would grow is if they didnu2019t dry the toothbrush off after using, you canu2019t just leave a wet toothbrush out, thatu2019s just asking for bacteria to grow on your tooth brush. And especially since this one the bristles are dense and close together. I just dry it well with a paper towel and no issues so far love it! Deff a great buy.
January 29, 2018
Although the design is brilliant and my little one loves this toothbrush, the little bristles are so thin and dense that whatever bits of lint that get in between are very difficult to clean out. Basically, in just a few days the brush looks dirty with all kinds of little dust particles stuck between the bristles. I spend hours cleaning it out with a pin, just to make it look/taste decent to my baby. After about a month of brushing, the plastic on the very tip flakes off and could be swallowed. Need to replace this once a month, at least.
Lianne's Mom
January 13, 2017
I love that this toothbrush is soft and my baby's gum doesn't bleed when using it BUT this is too expensive that I slightly regretted buying when it arrived because I later feel that this is an impulsive buy. Re the 360 feature, it's not effective for us because my daughter only loves to chew on this and it hardly fit in/brush in the front and sides of the teeth because it is bulky. It also doesn't clean well the uppermost & lowermost part of the teeth (near the gums) and my baby had tartar build up on those part near her gums.. maybe because this toothbrush has a round shape and doest reach through edges. It could have been nice because it is soft and has many bristles but it can't reach some sides and are expensive for a toothbrush.
Glen Chung
July 19, 2018
My toddler would try to brush her own teeth, but couldn't orient the bristles correctly. She would rub the back of the brush on her teeth. So frustrating. With these, there is no back of the toothbrush. So awesome. When I am not able to brush her teeth for her, at least she can take the plaque off a few teeth by herself.

Sometimes I can grab this toothbrush and shove it into the kid's mouth and do some real brushing even while the kid is not opening wide. You know, she opens her mouth a little and the brush contacts the top and bottom jaw molars simultaneously. What a great idea.

There is always a wrestling match when I try to brush the kid's teeth. It is hard to keep the bristles oriented properly during that wrestling match, with a traditional toothbrush. With thiis brush, I don't need to orient the bristles. I just move this toothbrush around in her mouth and that is

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