Blox Racing BXSS-20500 Traction Bar Kit

$ 143 15

Product Description

  • The front suspension becomes more solid thus increasing traction and eliminating wheel-hop
  • Directly results in reduced 60 feet times and cornering speeds
  • Will work with B-series or K-series motor swaps

The Competition series Traction Bar Kit is designed to increase the rigidity and stability of the vehicle's front suspension. spends countless hours designing, engineering and testing so each product is able to offer the enthusiast both form and function. The manufacturing processes used either meet or exceed OEM standards, while materials reflect the same quality used by major OEM auto manufacturers. and its manufacturing partners meet or exceed ISO 00 certification which further ensures 's overall commitment to the highest standards of production management and quality control. is dedicated to the development of high quality performance products and accessories for today's import and sport compact enthusiast. Each product is designed and manufactured using the latest in cutting-edge technologies, processes and materials and then tested using rigorous standards. Each product is designed to work with one another, giving enthusiasts the proper foundation and building blocks for developing the right performance combination.

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