BIG-SERT by Time-Sert M12 X 1.50 Oversize Thread Repair Kit # 5215 Time Fastener Company

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Product Description

  • BIG-SERT is a heavy wall solid bushing, easy to install with positive placement.
  • BIG-SERT gives increased load protection for critical use.
  • BIG-SERT will repair oversize holes which have previously been repaired.
  • This is a complete kit including: drill bit, counterboring tool, tap, inserting tool, and 5 inserts!

kits are an oversize thread repair system that will repair threads that were repaired by standard Time-Serts,Helicoil, Perma-Coil, any other similar coil style insert.

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December 15, 2013
I fooled around with the ubiquitous coil-based thread repairs due to price and their long history, but their ease of use and reliability, especially when subjected to less then ideal conditions such as loose bolts, disassembly, etc, can't compare to Time-Serts / Big-Serts. This is the only thread repair that's left me feeling confident during the last few degrees of torquing. If you're dealing with an easily accessible, small bolt with a low torque value, go ahead and give a coil insert a try. If you're looking at a bunch of disassembly, a high torque value, or a critical function, go ahead and shell out for a Time-Sert. (Or Big-Sert as appropriate)
R. P.
September 25, 2017
I had to replace a HeliCoil, and this was the better option rather than to buy a new brake caliper.
Raphael Gallivan
August 16, 2017
My biggest issue was finding a drill motor big enough to hold the drill bit.

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