BEST DEAL Dry Brush Set for Dry Skin Brushing & Exfoliating - Premium Bamboo Bath & Shower Brush w/ 100% Boar Hair, Cellulite Massager, Foot Pumice Stone Brush by NUVA SPA Nuva Brands

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Exfoliating makes skin look shiny and silky and soft. Imagine exfoliation across the whole body, beautiful skin everywhere, with only the addition of a small thing to your day-to-day. It’s not a fantasy. We’ve got just the body brush to make it possible. We’ve got multiple body brushes to make it possible. With a simple kit, we’ve got an economic solution for dry skin, for stimulating lymphatic drainage, for the body in general. Have you heard of dry brushing? We’ve got that covered for you. It’s popular lately for a reason, with a single session with a dry brushing body brush leading to noticeable improvements. This is a brush for dry skin, made to eliminate that dry skin. You can have an exfoliator in the palm of your hand, or at the end of a long handle. This brushing body brush is for brushing your body into a lovely glow. Pamper yourself with a bath brush set that contains everything you need for a body scrub that will leave you with shiny, happy skin.

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September 5, 2018
Originally bought this for me because somebody told me about dry brushing, however when I got it I was pleasantly surprised because it came in a nice gift box, I bought one extra for a birthday gift. I think you canu2019t beat the price, you get 4 items in the box. The wood is bamboo and looks very nice, I have used it both in the shower and as dry brush and they work very well.
Jesse Johnson
September 12, 2018
This product is really so cool! These brushes have nice bristles that wont hurt you but also make you feel like you're getting a good scrub. The wood itself is nice quality and the color is pleasing.

this would also make a good gift. The packaging is nice and it looks high quality!
Amazon Customer
September 5, 2018
I found this set when I was at a store at the mall, I was about to pay $20 for a bath brush and found this set on amazon at a much better price and it includes 4 pcs. I was skeptical of the quality because of the huge price difference but the product is very nice, the handles are bamboo and look awesome, other than that they do their job very well. Thank you Amazon!
September 5, 2018
This is a beautiful kit, I wanted to buy something that would allow me to give myself a little pampering. Added bonus, it is good for my skin and increases circulation. Iu2019m still new to dry brushing so that I will have to test that but for the bath this is a great product.
September 7, 2018
I got this set and have been enjoying it a lot, I used one of the brushes for dry brushing and the other one for the shower, there is also a massager there so It is very complete, specially for the price, would definitely recommend.
Bobby powelson
September 25, 2018
Very nice. Well made. Pleasing to the eye. Great set over all.

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