Banks 25226 Turbo System

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Product Description

  • Unleashes Huge Gains In Horsepower And Torque
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Outperforms Any Other Turbo

Air Intake/Turbocharger/Exhaust KitSidewinder Turbo System; Incl. Sidewinder Turbocharger Assm/Turbo Exh Manif/ Ram-Air Intake/Monster Exhaust/Heatshields/Ducting/DynafactGauges/Transcommand;FEATURES:Unleashes Huge Gains In Horsepower And TorqueImproves Fuel EconomyOutperforms Any Other Turbo Sidewinder Turbo Systems includes Lifetime Ram air filter and service kit; OttoMind Diesel Tuner; Quick Turbo turbine housing with BigHead wastegate actuator; polished stainless straight through Monster muffler with exclusive expansion chamber; 5 in. polished stainless double wall tailpipe tip; 4 in. constant diameter Monster exhaust and tailpipe; Electronic DynaFact pyrometer and boost gauge assembly; lift pump test gauge; Lifetime Ltd. Warranty. Engineering - First and foremost, is an engineering firm. Established in 1958, has grown to 200 employees on a 12-acre campus. The Mechanical Engineering Department, staffed with world-class automotive people, designs and tests the latest high performance equipment. In the Race Shop, ' special project vehicles feature cutting-edge diesel and gasoline development, multiple turbo applications, mind-boggling horsepower and head-turning style. Sophisticated electronic engineering technologies are applied to engine improvement in the rapidly growing Computer Systems Engineering Department. Gale Engineering designs turbocharged engines from the centerline of the crankshaft, out. Prototyping - Gale Engineering is the company others come to for advanced research and development, including "outside the box" projects for both product feasibility and image-generating media attention. Major automakers, including Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Volvo and Pontiac, have relied on ' expertise and capabilities. Testing - When it

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