B REFLECTIVE, (4 Pack) 12 retro reflective stickers kit, Night visibility safety, Universal adhesive for Bike/Stroller / Buggy/Helmet / Motorcycle/Scooter / Toys, Black

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Product Description

  • Beautiful and discreet by daylight / Efficiently sends car lights in the dark or under the rain
  • Multi-use, for every smooth surface : motorcycle or any kinds of helmets, motorcycle, saddlebags, bicycle, scooter, baby stroller, buggy, child toys…
  • 14 stickers : 6 tapes (7 x 1,8 cm) + 6 rounds (diametre 2,2 cm)
  • Easy to use
  • Made in France

This kit is composed of 12 reflective stickers : 6 tapes 7 x 1,8 cm (2,75 x 0,7") + 6 rounds diametre 2 cm (0,78").

Attractive and discreet by daylight on a black or dark item, they will make it more visible in the dark or under the rain on the road.

This product can be a motorcycle helmet accessory designed to increase safety and visibility, it doesn't go against the Safety Standard FMVSS218.

Stick them on any kind of helmet, motorcycles, scooters, trottinettes, bikes, baby stroller, buggy, child toys...

Every sticker have been tested to meet the technical requirements of motorcycle, cycle and all other use. To quickly test and check a reflective product effectiveness, step back about 2 meters from it and take a photo without then with flash !

Made in France by : giving visibility accessible to everybody.

Customer reviews(26)

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November 22, 2018
These work great on a black or dark grey surface. They basically look gloss black until light hits them the right way and then they become a bright silver/white reflector color.

I haven't noticed any issues with them peeling up or falling off. I have the smaller circle shaped stickers on the cylindrical lower tubes of my mtb fork which you would think would cause them to peel if it was really an issue with the product. However, no issues after a couple months. Then again I properly cleaned and then did a final prep of the surface with an isopropyl alcohol solution to remove lingering oils and dirt before sticking them on. Maybe those experiencing issues are applying these onto a dirty or contaminated surface and expecting them to stick.

Anyway, I would highly recommend these if you have something dark in color that you want to add reflectors to for safety, but you don't want to ruin the look of it by putting bright colored reflectors all over. If you're worried about them sticking, clean and remove oils and waxes with IPA and try to apply to flatter surfaces when possible.
September 29, 2017
Stickers worked well. They don’t stand out from the surface unless it’s dark and a bright light (aka car headlights) shine on them. Very stealth safety measure on my bike. After two weeks and one wash they seem to be sticking “well.” One sticker applied near the greasy chain seems to be peeling a bit, not super adhesive but doesn’t appear to leave any residue if removed. Will update if anything changes.
Jay Bee
May 11, 2017
These things are awesome! I actually ended up cutting them into little desigs/accents on my flat balck helmet and I must admit that they do bring out the helmet a lot more.

These things are not the super brightest stickers ever made, BUT YOU KNOW THEY'RE THERE, which is the intented outcome. Super happy with these.
February 9, 2018
Put these on my motorcycle and my helmet- by day they aren’t noticeable at all but at night they reflect awesome!
Matt Green
January 19, 2018
These are a lot smaller than I envisioned, but they are great. My helmet has a matte black finish and these provide a nice cover up for small dings in it due to my mishandling. There are other options which have different designs that I would have considered, but there is nothing wrong with this product.
D. Maslitchenko
May 14, 2018
I don't know how people rate by 5 stars. They don't stick to a bike at all, edges are curling up. Adhesive is very poor.
I bought this one for the black parts of the bike and it didn't stick.
Thanx god I bought "Gaffer Power Reflective Tape - Premium Heavy Duty High Visibility Vinyl Tape" as well.
It sticks perfectly and the tape is long, so you can use it on and on ;)
July 20, 2018
this is a top shelve product
August 4, 2018
Great reflectivity (is that a word?) put them all over my bike and helmet. I also wear all reflective and highlighter gear as a safety precaution!

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