Armadillo Pro-Tec Signal Blocking Bag - Faraday Cage for Cell Phones and Car Key Fobs! Pouch Blocks RFID/NFC / WiFi/Bluetooth Signals - Stops Car Theft/Hacking / Tracking!

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Color:Faraday Bag for Cell Phones and Car Key Fobs


Product Description

  • THE BEST SIGNAL BLOCKING POUCH & FARADAY BAG for CAR KEY FOBS and MOBILE PHONES! Latest generation signal blocking fabric with an easy to use design and closure.
  • STOPS THE CAR THIEVES IN THEIR TRACKS! The pouch blocks all signals from the keyless entry fob so that thieves can’t boost the fob’s signals and gain access to your car. WITHOUT the pouch they can easily gather the signal from a keyless entry fob and extend it, allowing the car to unlock and start. WHY give the thieves this chance?
  • STOPS CAR THEFT, HACKING, TRACKING, SNOOPING AND CLONING! This high tech fabric creates a Faraday Cage around your cell phone that shields and protects it from being hacked, tracked and cloned! Stops signals and radiation like RFID, Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, EMI, EMF and EMP. The pouch stops booster signals that thieves use to gain entry to your car.
  • EASY MAGNET CLOSURE. Quick closure with magnet and single fold velcro for extra security. This is the only Signal Blocking Pouch that blocks all signals by just closing with the magnet! All other bags require you to use a double folded velcro closure. Not only is that fiddly and noisy, it also reduces the life span of the product as the constant ripping wears the material out quickly. With this bag that won't happen!
  • LIFE TIME WARRANTY! GREAT BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY, both men and women! Help them stay protected! CLICK 'ADD TO CART' and Say GOOD BYE to THIEVES and HACKERS! FITS ALL LARGE SMARTPHONES OR SEVERAL CAR KEY FOBS. For example fits Samsungs' Note, 8 Plus and iPhone 6/7/8 Plus. The usable inner dimensions are 4.5x7.5inches. The outer dimensions are 5x8.5 inches.

DON’T LET THIEVES STEAL YOUR DATA OR YOUR CAR. Every seconds a car is stolen in the United States, which is close to a million vehicles per year. Thieves are now more sophisticated than ever, opening and operating your car without needing to break in. Using “signal amplification” to gain unauthorized access to your car, these thieves can steal your car with total ease. The good news is a ARMADILLO PRO-TEC brand security pouch gives you the protection you need. Protects you and your phone from being tracked, hacked and cloned, and when you place your keyless entry car key fob it stops your car from being broken into or stolen by remote signal booster. 'ADD TO CART' for the LATEST and BEST PROTECTION for your CAR and CELLPHONE! LIFE TIME WARRANTY! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Customer reviews(63)

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March 25, 2018
Did several tests. This is not effective for some cellular phones, but it is for others. It is not effective in stopping Roku or Apple TV type RF remotes (not that you'd need to, but figured it would be a good test), and Fitbit does also get through. But it works for my intended purpose of a place to keep car keys overnight with people using the keyless entry feature and a signal booster to break into cars in my city. Tested both mine and wife's key fobs and it is effective.
June 7, 2017
Catch me if you can! These RFID blocking bags are fantastic! They are very well made and really work! I tested both my iPad and cell phone and no signals were able to get through. Yay! Take that NSA!
If your serious about your privacy then these are the ticket here look no further. The bags are well constructed and tough enough to withstand whatever you throw at them. They are easy to use and will last a lifetime and are perfect for protecting your devices and vital information, especially when traveling. I like the fact that they are soft and easy to put your stuff in and take out, not like the stiff and awkward faraday bags that can easily rip.
So if your looking for privacy and protection there is nothing better than a Armadillo!
john p.
June 25, 2017
This is a great product to help protect you from identity theft, tracking, etc. It really works. I used it to block the signal to the (work) cell phone I use and it blocked it, I wasn't able to receive any calls when I put it in the bag, the phone is also used as a wifi hotspot to my company laptop and I lost the signal there as well! I'm the head of neighborhood watch for my community in So. Fla. and we've discussed these in our meetings. Police officers have told me that police departments use these bags when they arrest suspects and confiscate their phones. I'm probably going to buy more of these and give them to our members as gifts, for the holidays.
Dr. G
March 16, 2017
These bags are as advertised - durable, high-quality construction, they really do block the EMFs, and the RFID card is a very nice bonus.
Karen M
September 10, 2017
I was in a Dr office recently with my phone and ipad in locked screen mode. I mentioned another Dr to the Dr I was seeing. I had not looked up, texted about, called or anything for about ten years. Suddenly this Dr was recommended as a friend on my FB account. To weird for me. Now my electronics go in this bag in such places. Find my friends can't find my electronics even when right next to the bag.
August 27, 2017
Does not work cell phone with hot spot on can still connect to tablet when in the bag. It does stop calls but not wifi
I did try a FaradayTest app and it did Not appear to work. Has it in bag and still was able to listen to pandora on Bluetooth but was static on head set.
Buy another brand don't waste your money.
FR Dee
August 3, 2017
Works Perfect/ The cone of silence
Minx Boren
July 17, 2018
These bags are not bulky, fit easily into a pocketbook or briefcase, can also sit by the bed or on top of a desk, and I feel an extra measure of EMF protection

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