AMS 400.46 One Piece 4' Regular Auger AMS Incorporated

$ 110 56

Product Description

  • Powder-Coated (Orange) For Rust Resistance
  • Total useable Length of 49"
  • Ergonomic Alternative To The Cumbersome Post Hole Digger

This one-piece regular is powder-coated (orange) for rust resistance. The auger comes equipped with a 16" rubber-gripped cross handle and has a total useable length of ". The lightweight ( to 5 lbs.) one-piece regular is an inexpensive alternative to our auger-extension-cross handle systems for anyone not needing to go deeper than feet. This one-piece has carbon steel auger bits that are sharpened and heat-treated. The " diameter one-piece regular is the is the ergonomic alternative to the cumbersome post hole digger – perfect for farmers, ranchers, and anyone needing to dig a larger diameter hole in regular soil conditions.

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