Alaffia - Everyday Coconut Bubble Bath, Gentle for Babies and Up, Supports Soft Skin and Relaxation with Yarrow, Chamomile, and Coconut Oil, Fair Trade, Naturally Foaming, Coconut Chamomile, 32 Ounces 4332391991

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Scent Name:Z270 KRAIT GAMING


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Lenae Rickett
March 28, 2017
I have been on the hunt for some good bathtime bubbles for my toddler. She has very sensitive skin..and these have been wonderful. I can't say they smell that great. I personally don't smell much at all. Probably for the best as far as the sensitive skin thing goes though. A little of these bubbles go a long way and they are truly lasting her entire bathtime! I will definitely be repurchasing this brand when we run out!
Rachel Williams
August 7, 2017
Hands down THE BEST all natural bubble bath. And I seriously think I've tried them all. (No joke!) There's a lot of great natural baby washes/shampoos out there but when it comes to bubble baths, generally speaking, If you're gonna go natural, you're gonna be disappointed. Some of them bubble up at first but disapate within a few minutes so you end up having to use more, and more. And some of them barely bubble up at all under running water alone. You have to swish the bath water around like crazy till your arms are sore and even then the bubbles just don't last long enough at all (as opposed to something like
D. Poehleman
September 5, 2017
I tried this, but found that it dried out my skin. It doesn't smell like coconut. I like the fact that a portion of the proceeds from sales go towards projects in Africa, but it isn't definitive. As a stand-along product, I probably wouldn't purchase this. It is a bit over-priced and I didn't love it. You can do better for a lot less. If I buy this again, it would only be support the cause. It is unclear to me the percentage that goes to Africa and the type of projects it funds. It is supposed to be all natural yet the list of ingredients seem to include a few chemicals.
Rhea Porter
November 29, 2017
Love this bubble bath!!!! A little bit goes a long way! I use about a tablespoon (definitely no more) for a tub full of silky fluffy bubbles. I was looking for something new to try when we ran out of Babyganics bubble bath and as much as I love their products, I probably wonu2019t ever buy anything other than this soap. My 2 year old daughter with eczema loves to blow the bubbles and hide her toys underneath u201cthe wavesu201d.
February 28, 2017
I gotta say this is awesome. Good quality and value. Compared to the usual bubble bath for kids, where the bubbles disappear almost instantly, these coconut bubbles last forever. They're also softer looking bubbles. And you can't beat a nice smell.

On the value end. You really only need a tiny amount to have a lot of bubbles. You pour more than a cap full, you're going to be having bubbles with a half life of 100 years. Exaggerating there but seriously, a little goes a long way.

Highly recommended!
September 29, 2017
What happened? I've bought this brand for quite some time and have loved it. But I got this delivery and the bubbles are gone. When I first pour it under the faucet, it bubbles but they then disappear quickly.

Absolutely not worth the money, since it seems I'm paying for immediately disappearing bubbles, and I'm back to a plain water bath in minutes.
Patricia Fulford
May 20, 2017
My grandson has very sensitive skin and this product is perfect for him. He loves the bubbles and enjoys bath time. I even put the bubble bath in Henry's swimming pool!
Just another OC housewife
June 21, 2018
It's not easy to find something with good, clean, gentle ingredients that is also sustainably produced and gives back to the community. So glad I found this - and for such a large bottle, its price point of $0.46/oz is similar to or less than conventional baby bubble baths (about $0.50/oz - Honest is $0.86/oz for example). Also, the scent is very light and nice.

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