AA-Racks Upper Assembly (Box2) Adjustable Side Bar and Long Over Cab Extension for Basic Two-barred Truck Rack

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Color:Matte Black

:LowerAssembly (Box 1)


Product Description

  • Our unique design of Bracket Bar are built to strengthen the existing basic truck rack style.
  • Each two of the Bracket Bar are jointed with 6 / 4 Grade 8 Carriage Bolts; adding a total of TEN Carriage Bolts built on each upright poles.
  • The package also comes with Two of the One-Piece Handrail, which provides the “Grab and Hop” convenience of getting on the truck bed.
  • Both the Over-cab Extension Bar & Side Bars are Adjustable in length; offering a wide range of fitment (Width & Length) for different Trucks Models.
  • The Upper Assembly (Box2): Side Bars with 55’’ Long Over Cab Extension

The Upper Assembly (Box2) is the upgraded Truck Rack commonly known as the Over-cab style truck ladder rack with side bars.
Our design concept is an Extension-Bar Package built on a Two-barred basic truck rack style, which can be seen commonly in the e-commerce truck rack market. Most ideally, it is guaranteed compatible with our The Lower Assembly(Box1).
We offer Three different upgrade packages 【Upper Assembly (Box2)】 for different customers’ need:
1.P39-SC(BX2): Side Bars with 30" Short-over Cab. Extension【Upgrade Purchase ASIN:B079RFJRWG】
2.P39-LC(BX2): Side Bars with 55" Short-over Cab. Extension【Upgrade Purchase ASIN:B079RHPW3W】
3.P39-B(BX2):Side Bars ONLY with NO Over Cab. Extension【Upgrade Purchase ASIN:B079RJ85HC】
We also offer Two Color Options for these upgrade packages. They are available in Matte Black & Matte White.

Customer reviews(19)

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Miss Penny
May 31, 2016
My husband loves it. It took him and a helper about two hours to assemble and install. He did had to pri drill new holes for bolting since our new Ford 150 pick up trucks didn't align. I didn't think that it was a big deal since ours is a working truck and the rack is there to stay. Beware it does makes noise from wind when driving at high speed. It's noticeable but doesn't interfere with listening to music or having a conversation. More if you're transporting something like a ladder. I have noticed some very small chips of paint and rust, but again the price was right. We are very happy with a purchase. It was also delivered ahead of schedule.
Amy & Mike
September 8, 2017
Great for the price. Needed a shim where the over cab extension mounts. (to make it even) All the pieces were there and nothing was damaged in shipping although the box looked roughed up. Some of the adjustable connections are telescoping pipes locked in place with a set screw. I will eventually drill and "thru bolt" those as I don't trust set screws, no big deal. I assembled and mounted it myself in about 2 hours. It got very rigid and strong once all the adjustments were made and all the fasteners were tightened up. Again.... You can't beat it for the price in my opinion. One of my pictures shows the shim I used to level the cab extension. (easy fix)
April 15, 2017
This was very easy to install. Hardest part was getting bolts and nuts tightened down due to access to the bolts under the rail of my 2015 Chevy 2500 HD diesel. Other than that took me by myself about 1 1/2 hours to install. Very nice looking rack and at a very good price.
Jäger 2012
October 11, 2017
Arrived early, no damage to shipping containers. When opened I found everything was perfectly wrapped and all hardware was provided. It was very easy to assemble. The product was exactly as advertised and actually better. I placed it on top of my truck to make any final adjustments. I am very pleased with the design, quality and over all appearance of the product. Great product. Highly recommend. Some of the other reviews seemed a little (a lot) like they didn’t do there research. I had absolutely no problems with this product. If I had another truck i would buy another one. So glad I did pay much attention to the amateurs.
Daniel C. Purdy
August 20, 2017
I found it easy to install and ridgid when installed. Great for $259. One person can do much of the installation; but, two will make it easier. For installation of the over the cab part, two are needed. On my 2008 GMC Canyon, it is better to install the bottom bolts under the rails with the nuts and washers on top. Split ring washers, or somesuch, are not included are needed, but not included. Great for my 8' and 12' stepladders and 14' extension ladder.
August 10, 2017
Love the rack, couldn't be more impressed at the price it seems to be made out of decent steel!
May 23, 2017
I just got my ladder rack, i installed it and its fits my truck exeelnte product and good one, if i have to buy a new truck i don't have think twice to get tis product again
June 27, 2018
everything came without problems... all pieces and easy

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