5 1/2 Wide Oak Horizontal Three Thickness Bread Slicing Guide by Mystery Lathe with Pad

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September 2, 2018
It is hard to find quality workmanship at affordable costs these days. This has it. I did put cutting board oil on it as soon as I opened the box, which was packaged better than I could have done it and I am fussy. I had baked bread earlier that day so I tried it out right away. I used both an electric knife and a long serrated knife. Both worked easily. I was concerned about cutting horizontally not being as a natural motion as vertically. I actually found it put less strain on my wrist and arm. I highly recommend this bread guide. It is worth the extra $ for quality. I don't want to have to glue the plastic ones together and not know what is in the plastic or have bamboo slivers in my bread.

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