2-Pack Bundle - Canson Self Adhesive Photo Corners, Peel-Off Archival Quality, Black, 252 count each Pack Canson Inc

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Product Description

  • 2-Pack - Each pack contains 252 self-adhesive corners
  • Self-adhesive, archival quality
  • Packaged in neat lines on peel-off sheets
  • Acid free, Black corners

Color:Black - 2-pack

Color: Black. CANSON self-adhesive, archival quality photo corners are packaged in neat lines on peel-off sheets for easy use. Each pack contains 252 self-adhesive corners that are a great way to mount precious snapshots and memories. Great for use in scrapbooking, collage, and other presentations.

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Carrie West
March 19, 2016
For the price they're good. The gold part bends easily which I didn't love. But they look nice. My warning is for those putting them in a small book. Get something with a strong or big binding or spiral binding. I didn't plan out well where I placed them so now the book that they're in cannot close properly. Picture of corners and binding issue are included.
Julie McLean
November 14, 2016
These self adhesive photo corners work really well. I used them for a gifted wedding scrapbook and they made the pictures and the scrapbook look more professional and gave the photos almost a vintage look, which is what I was going for. They are super easy to use once you get the placement down. Tip: Put the corners on the photo first and then carefully put the picture down. Otherwise, you have to really carefully measure out where to place the corners.
October 16, 2017
These things are awesome. I bought them to stick photos into my scrapbook and they did the job well.

The only thing is that they're really sticky, which is a good thing, but can be tricky. I open each corner and wiggle each photo corner onto the photo's edge before pressing onto the surface I want it on. It works a majority of the time (there were a few that stuck on crooked though).

I'm pretty happy with this purchase!
D. and M.
July 24, 2016
Like most photo squares, these are self adhesive and acid free. Very easy to use, not so easy to reposition so be careful. I mounted my photos on black paper and these make for a nice contrast. I prefer the gold to the kraft paper ones especially if the photos are black and white. They're not a flashy gold, they look nice and they have a vintage feel in my opinion
February 14, 2018
I ordered two packets. The first I opened was a beautiful gold and only about 5 were unusable. The second packet I opened was a completely different shade of an uglier more yellow gold. I attempted to still use them but almost all of them were unusable because they were stuck together and you couldnu2019t slide them over the corner of a picture. When I managed to find 4 that worked they looked horrible next to the ones from the other packet and the color difference was super obvious. Canu2019t use them in the same album. Super disappointed and it may cost me a lot of time and more money if I have to completely redo my wedding album.
November 22, 2017
I bought these corners for scrapbooking. They are fine and get the job done, but I had a few that were cut inconsistently and weren't usable (for instance, several were cut so that the corner was no longer a
January 3, 2018
These work really well. Very easy to use. Out of maybe 100 I've used so far, two were stuck together and so I trashed those...a 98% success rate is alright by me.
March 21, 2017
I'd used plastic, clear corners in the past and really liked them. Probably only about a fourth of these actually work - the others don't completely cover the corners and sit at odd angles. Fine b/c I only needed so many for the project I'm using them for, but really annoying to have to try so many on each corner before I can get four to line up.

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